George Zimmerman Will Not Testify

The man who shot Trayvon Martin will not take the stand in his own defense.
11:14 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Will Not Testify
This is a special report from ABC. Look what I'm Dan -- in New York with this ABC news digital special report on -- George -- murder trial. Things are moving along rather quickly. This Wednesday a live picture of the courtroom now the defense resting its case after a long day of testimony. With -- asking for an acquittal. The judge denying that request with prosecution is now in its rebuttal. Earlier Zimmerman spoke in court but only to say. That he would not take the stand that article Montes -- Gonzales was outside of the courtroom in Sanford Florida -- Yet that at first government attorneys didn't want him to answer the judge's questions about whether or not he would take this stand but when he finally did. I speak up it was than most we have heard from him in this trial. -- you -- -- position. Gives -- and what is your decisions sir that after consulting with. Council not to testify. George -- and charged with second degree murder in the death of trade on -- deciding not to take the stand in his own defense. His attorneys calling their earnings -- their final witness -- resting their case on this twelfth day of testimony. The prosecution trying to prove today Martin attacked Zimmerman the way to -- described government wouldn't have been able to reach his gun. This. First this man -- can't work carrying a firearm on their way. Where the going to be right now in relation to me would he -- left inner thigh. Law enforcement training expert Dennis -- on the stand backing government's claim that he killed a seventeen year old in self defense. -- testifying that they're learning -- to issue because he was being hurt and didn't have the physical skills to fight back. I was dealing with. Chuck Norris I would expect to completely different response to any kind of physical altercation and I would have I was dealing with -- -- -- the defense starting the morning with a double blow the judge deciding not to allow the jury to learn about text messages about fighting found on trade on Martin's self well. The State's objection that stated she also ruled this computer animation showing what Zimmerman claims happened in his confrontation with -- Can not be used as evidence. -- the jury could still see that animation in closing arguments which could begin. As soon as tomorrow -- back to you -- -- you really quickly before you go how many rebuttal witnesses do expect the prosecution call. The prosecution says that for today they plan to call two witnesses and they have already called their second witness to the stand it's unclear. If any others will be called tomorrow. ABC's -- Gonzales Sanford Florida Marcy thank you for that. I want to bring -- prosecutor Tennessee and take a -- -- here in New York studio monitoring the trial force Tennessee to so many questions. To get to today the state obviously has to bear the burden of proof. They have the rebuttal which they are in the process of conducting right now they have to keep it narrow break it all down four cents -- what did they need to do in this part of the process. Well what happened so far is -- -- you've had the prosecution present their case now the defense has given -- evidence to the jury. And really with the bottom -- rebuttal is -- tying up any loose ends there really is not going to be much -- -- maybe one witness left tomorrow but really be prosecution what they're doing is taking not only what. They got out of their own witnesses but I think they actually got quite a bit out of the defense witness today in a bottle and their -- trying to put together closing argument they're going to have to -- this case out. Very -- safely and take all these complex arguments and break them down for this jury it's a very technical case and show the -- because George Zimmermann says it's so doesn't make it so. A lot of analysts had been characterizing the defense's performance yesterday and really when they begin to -- present their side of the case as having a great deal of momentum going into this. Did they keep that momentum going today did they drop the ball what is your reaction by having that investigator Dennis -- on the stand all day for an extensive testimony. You know sometimes when you're doing well you have to know when to leave well enough alone and I can't. Imagine any prosecutor defense attorney -- many people watching the trial at all. Seeing this guy and the stand today -- blunt impact expert if you will and thinking that he added any thing -- mean it was really not a good move by the defense in my opinion this guy came -- he was the next front and everything. He talked about everything from the wounds and his explanation of that he brought psychology into -- he brought in memory loss. Into it when really what this guy is he was a former law enforcement. Officer who is now turned into an expert witness so while I think that the defense gained and got some good points and some -- evidence that they can now argue to the jury I do not know why. They put this guy on I don't think he -- anything the defense the prosecution was able to very effectively cross examine him to -- that really -- formed his opinion based on things that George Zimmerman said and very specific parts of the evidence that he was given. And they were able to really take away any points that may have if at all -- gained on the direct examination showed that he didn't. Break it down he didn't question George -- he didn't look at the other side of things -- they really help their case and started to give a summation to the jury if you will by using on the defense -- witnesses. I'm a -- -- a little bit on that because I think -- -- every other fact that you not exactly certain why the defense would make the kind of move in scheduling the witnesses and way that they did. Yesterday doctor to my other forensic pathologist. Was by many accounts seen as -- -- wrong card to play for the defense. Why would have forensic pathologist testimony differ in away from a former investigator. Well you know here you have doctored the -- was a fantastic witness he's a credible witness he is a true professional and I really believe and I think the jury will see him -- calling it as he. Season he was strong. It's very different -- someone who's coming in as a different type an expert a law enforcement. Officer who was not a medical trained professional you know medical Examiner's they do not work for the prosecution they do not work for law enforcement they -- an independent agency that they take their work. Medically and they make their valuations that way and wants -- usually has a Benton now here's this guy who not only is working for the defense he reached out to man to offer his services he's now advertising. -- his on this nationally watched case. And he -- forming some very specific conclusions which are pretty easy to break down to show that really what they are is just. An opinion their opinion that is easy to show there is nothing based valley more than this is what. One side wants to show because the prosecution could use him also. To make points that they will later argue to the jury that -- -- evidence shows his guilt. Now the judge address a government himself a few times directly today asking in fact if he would testify. It seems as if he might have been somewhat caught -- are somewhat bewildered. By being addressed by the judge -- -- -- -- clip and get your response. -- -- -- it's tough playing in the case gives -- -- I don't need to know what was said but after those discussions have you needed possession. -- -- and what is your decisions that -- after consulting with. Council not to -- Can't you understand that no matter what council sent to you it's still in your decisions you understand that. Yes -- okay and they need to know is that your efficiency and to not testify in -- case. -- -- And are you making that decision freely and voluntarily. District has anybody cost -- anything to get you to make that decision. New York anybody friends you know you and this is clearly the decision and you yourself and he should thank -- very much. It's C defense going to -- the subject. Tennessee got if you -- one of the six jury members sitting there watching that exchange go back and forth what's going through your mind what your reaction not only to his answers but his demeanor in which he answered questions. Jurors are watching as you said they have not heard from George Zimmermann alive. During the entire trial since he did not choose to take the stand this is the only time they'll hear us and they are watching him and I'm sure they are trying to help analyze for themselves. What type of a guy he is is he the type of guy that is going to embellish. Or make up parts of his story. To try to make sure that he is not held responsible or is he someone that is telling the truth is -- the meek individual. Who was so fearful of his life and placed in this position by train on -- that he used his gun and should not be held criminally liable so they may well have been. Using exactly what he was saying not just to listen to his words which of course they're not president. At this part this is just again this is the judge talking to him however they are always watching him the reason that the judge is talking to mr. Zimmerman right now is to make it to shore. That he himself has made the decision not to testify. A juror can never use it against -- defendant they choose not to testify. It is a right of the defendant and the judge wants to protect the record she does not know if there'll be at an acquittal. However if there is a guilty verdict this is an important thing that could be a challenge for appeal if she did not make this -- clear she did. -- and your opinion did that seem to make it very clear statements. Oh it was very clear while no one expected him -- most expected him not to testify. No good can come of him taking the stand it would just subject him to cross examination in bringing out prior bad acts -- he certainly does not want the jury to know about. It's important because he clearly he has spoken with his lawyers he seems to be on the same page of his representation that he -- After speaking -- made his own decision that he does not wish to testify at this trial. So as we're just hearing there from march is reported to have prosecution is on its second rebuttal witness and potentially more tomorrow as well. What is next then after the rebuttal process. After that presumably the stable rest if they call anyone tomorrow I anticipate will be a short witness after that the jury will be excused. There will most likely of -- -- charging conference basically that is just between. The attorneys and the judge their deciding what case what charges -- to go to the jury. On the indictment he is just charged with a one count murder in the second degree however there -- a lot a lesser included. The one that people are been talking most about as the manslaughter charge. That can be put to the jury is well also she won't go over that with the attorneys. They will make sure that they all are aware of the council will be submitted and then the attorney has been preparing for their summations. And passing a -- lot say thank you so much we'll be able to break down this very complex case in the terms I think that. So many people. We -- -- to appreciate and understand the process not only legally but also the way in which each one of these members. Is playing out. Of course we have a complete recap of today's events from Sanford Florida the defense resting its case the prosecution beginning its rebuttal and continuing. Tomorrow. For now I'm Dan Cutler in New York with its ABC news -- digital special report on the Internet. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19632112,"title":"George Zimmerman Will Not Testify","duration":"11:14","description":"The man who shot Trayvon Martin will not take the stand in his own defense. ","url":"/US/video/george-zimmerman-testify-19632112","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}