Trayvon Martin's Mother, Combative Medical Examiner Highlight Zimmerman Trial

ABC News' Matt Gutman discusses the latest in the George Zimmerman trial on Trayvon Martin's death.
10:05 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for Trayvon Martin's Mother, Combative Medical Examiner Highlight Zimmerman Trial
This is a special report from ABC news. Again -- -- New York with the CBC news digital special report this is day nine of the George -- murder trial. It is expecting -- to last for the prosecution which will likely rest its case later this afternoon. This morning though we heard some emotional testimony from -- on Martin's family and some top exchanges with the associate medical examiner. -- -- take -- listen to some of that testimony. At a time. I don't want catalog and I believe it's -- steal -- -- His heart was still beating. Every time. He -- his heart was beating some of the -- welcome to from the right ventricle. -- the public not to me so long and the supply is -- I believe he's my -- -- that. He was still alive. He was killed in Japan. Killers still in -- -- Jenkins. Crystal real ABC's Matt. Gutman who has spent inside the Sanford Florida courtroom. Matt I want to ask a little bit what was the point the prosecution was trying to make by bringing on the assistant medical examiner and and sharing that bit of information. A couple of points they were trying to make that one is that -- -- on -- was a human he suffered he didn't just. Die immediately after having that bullet pierced his heart he may have lived from one minute to ten minutes after the shooting in addition to that. They also tried to show that other may be some inconsistencies here with Georgia -- testimony George German several times has noted that. Right after the shooting. He recalls -- his weapon Tre -- Martin. Got up off of him and then uttered something like you got me or you got it before collapsing. Now what this medical examiner was saying it means that it's medically impossible. Portray -- -- to have been able to get up and to have been able to speak he -- been essentially frozen inside his body that bullet piercing the heart. Fractions and up fragments of it hitting his -- going into other organs he would have been unable to say anything. However he might have still had some feeling he might have had some consciousness so he may have been able to feel something that's very last moments of his life -- -- in. And those details so graphic in so specific you were inside the courtroom there what was the jury's reaction when they were hearing that information. The -- been listening intently throughout a lot of people are saying that at some point. Perhaps the prosecution has lost the jury I don't think that's the case they've been listening. They've been scribbling notes. Certainly they were. Very very intent early on this morning when Sabrina Fulton trade on month Martin's mother came to the sand and then followed by just bars bulldozers we're going Martin's brother. They were intently. Watching all of that happened now. Big and scribbling notes they'd been intensely watching the question is how are they going to decide. Why are they think this prosecution's case is gone. And that that trade -- mother Sabrina -- did testify this morning she was asked about those voices that were hurt. On the 911 call want to -- part of her testimony. But it was clearly. -- -- if you recognize. That. Yes didn't recognize that to be turned on Benjamin Martin. Matt was it a scientific purpose was it an emotional purpose for bringing -- Sabrina on the stand like that and asking to identify that boys. -- -- vote data clearly what -- Prosecution has been trying to do as it wraps up its case today which is. Very likely what it's going to do is bring a little bit of emotion into this trial we. Notice that they wanted humanize trip on -- he was feeling he was suffering before he died and also. This is a middle class family Sabrina Fulton is a mom who's worked for 24 years with the counties got. -- living son in -- senior who lives at home. -- Martin was his brother that's what they're trying to say this was a good kid from a good family just like yours Georgian. The audience here six female jurors five of them mothers there's got to be about. Fourteen kids among them they know who their audience is and it is imperative. For the prosecution Central Park the -- -- on Martin was human -- came from a good family he was a good -- and they're trying to get the jurors to notice that now. The more scientific part here. The 911 calls now. A forensic it. Audio expert from the FBI came on last week and said probably the best person to know. Who was talking who was screaming for help and -- not when Michaels with somebody in -- on Martin's family or George -- -- someone who's familiar with their voice. That's why they brought Sabrina -- onto the stand. Who could better recognize the voice of someone calling out for help -- a mother same thing with -- -- however. We -- -- came up. It quickly realized that in an interview many months ago he had said that he wasn't quite sure at first. Who he heard calling for help now Zimmerman team and Yzerman Stanley has been saying throughout it was George -- calling out for help. Fourteen times in forty seconds during that 911 call off of course ended with that gunshot that we heard so. There's a lot of wiggle room here about who heard want and went clearly the prosecution try to say this was true -- Martin. And defense has been saying all along this was -- government and there's no way to tell for certain. Who was actually calling out for help during -- -- what one calls. And -- I also let's talk a little bit about the assistant medical examiner who was on the on the stand as well to -- there's been a lot of exchange between. The medical examiner. And the lawyers and the judge infected one of placed a bit of the testimony that I'm talking about. OK so please allow mr. -- -- you do not remember and in. Zero. To get him. We and it's incumbent Dallas I -- -- -- -- we understand -- police thought he sees them to laugh and the next question who. Thank you go has. Was the prosecution able to get something. Out of his testimony because that is just small portion of what happened but there seem to be. Bit of the exchange going back and forth between the defense. And that assistant medical examiner. I think there were a number of such exchanges multiple exchanges and question about multiple irregularities from that medical examiner. How was true -- Martin's infamous that -- forty that he wore how -- -- -- in the moments after the shooting how was it treated as evidence that's in question. Apparently nobody knows -- on Martin's shoes are right now these are very big questions about. How the forensics team -- how the medical Examiner's team handled this key evidence in this trial right after the shooting big questions also right afterwards. The defense asked the -- that medical examiner what about your notes can we see your notes and he erupted absolutely not he had to be again. Reprimanded by the judge who said well they can actually senior notes this is part of evidence so a lot of contention there what did the prosecution get out of it. Well they got the medical examiner to tell the jury -- by Martin was humid. He suffered he may have lived as many as ten minutes after that shooting during which he may have been -- to what was going on but unable to respond. They also seem to catch George Zimmerman in an inconsistency. If you -- -- -- was paralyzed inside his body if that bullet. Pierced his heart and -- went into his spine he would've been on able to get up off of Zimmerman as -- stated it to a said anything remotely like. You got it -- you got me. Those are big points and that is what the prosecution has been trying to build to for. The past nine days of testimony you can't trust George governments testimony because he doesn't always tell the truth. His story continues to shift and to Barry that's why you the jury you can't trust everything he says -- remember Dan. George Zimmerman still seventeen months after that. That shooting remains the only witness who boasts all the fight break out and saw the shooting. And he's not going to testify at this point very very doubtful. That defense is going to. Put him on the stand in an -- to what's going to be a brutal. Cross examination from the defense so all the jury can rely on right now are the six or seven statements that Zimmerman has made in the past. And now the prosecution is banging away -- tried to catch him in no small but perhaps cumulatively significant inconsistencies. -- and from the latest we've been here the prosecution is expected to wrap up its case this afternoon. That's right they're probably going to try to filibuster for a few more hours what they don't want. It is for the defense to get a couple of hours in it to begin its testimony they want the jurors to keep all of today's testimony fresh in their mind. For the prosecution of course as they go into this weekend they want them to remember Sabrina -- they want them to remember. Javaris Fulton who is the brother of -- on Martin this is what this kid might have looked like and a couple of years. They want them to remember the medical Examiner's testimony about the fact that -- -- on Martin -- and carry all of that into next week. But they don't want is for the defense to get a crack at them before that. Is that fence has all week and then of course closing statements so. -- -- probably gonna see a lot of hedging going on over the next couple of hours -- and so we shall wait to see. On that ABC's -- -- -- Sanford Florida Matt thank you for that. Of course we have a complete write up on And we will of course we'll go back to the court when the trial does resume. After this lunch break and Dan Butler New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19587979,"title":"Trayvon Martin's Mother, Combative Medical Examiner Highlight Zimmerman Trial","duration":"10:05","description":"ABC News' Matt Gutman discusses the latest in the George Zimmerman trial on Trayvon Martin's death.","url":"/US/video/george-zimmerman-trial-trayvon-martin-death-mother-combative-19587979","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}