George Zimmerman Witness Describes 'MMA Style' Fight

John Good says Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman during altercation.
3:37 | 06/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Zimmerman Witness Describes 'MMA Style' Fight
What you saw with the person on top it and anime style straddle position correct. Correct that was further described it was not as being grounded pound. Correct right. What is ground and pound as you that's usually what takes place and that's -- position. -- though it admits she's happier where it is now it's mixed martial arts correct. You do enough to start giving terminology like ground and pound what you saw all right let's the first thing -- can -- -- yes that that person on top. Was ground and indeed the person on the bottom that's when it looked like yes. So. Explain what ground and pound is in your mind. The person on top being able to. Punched the person on the bottom but the -- person on the bottom also has a chance to. Get out or -- personal. Back and forth. Charter which is its own position. I -- in a tough position because why. For most people that -- be the dollar position. Because it's obvious person right usually that's a positive I would think. The person that you now -- to be traded on Martin was on top correct correct. And he was the one who was raining blows down -- person in the bottom Jones. That's what it looked like okay now and I -- -- you liberal because you couldn't actually see. Fist hit face right now because he was blocked by well. I didn't say it was blocked -- -- -- South Africa. And you are lucky that trailer Martin's back right wasn't that always tortured and correct the sidewalk there side to -- because there. Laying on -- sidewalk which would be. Going lateral to miles that's right when they -- By the time -- got to the -- -- sort of moved into position whereas of them when you can see. -- would have been Joyce who left -- or right side to him in his right arm. His right arm was towards you and intrude on Martin's -- riveted it would to a theory correct. And then -- -- saw him striking down. That's when it looked like yes -- on them down our current times -- -- if you I have no idea. -- is less all the movement going now and that's when I turned around back and that's when news -- series. Yes it looked like it was getting serious and it wasn't just on playing around. When was the first time that you spurred. The person on the bottom screen -- And I initially went outside. Didn't see a second person then I could see a second person and it sounded like. It was coming from the person on the bottom because usually when someone on top the person on the bottom is the -- screaming. -- yelling. And -- those lines parent but I didn't hear anything happen because. And balancing your trying to be -- and just tell us exactly what you remember. Observing. Didn't use your common sense. Do you think that it was the person on the bottom Lewis for -- for now. I mean rationally thinking thanks. Matter of fact I think -- said in response to mr. Diller on this question had been. -- Martin's -- -- since his backwards to you there would have had to be going. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at that's why -- I -- it. I thought it was coming and personal and is -- that you heard was sounding like a person's gravy from fifty years seventeen feet away. Almost directly right and -- it was coming towards me correct.

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{"id":19520711,"title":"George Zimmerman Witness Describes 'MMA Style' Fight","duration":"3:37","description":"John Good says Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman during altercation.","url":"/US/video/george-zimmerman-witness-describes-mma-style-fight-19520711","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}