Georgia becomes latest state to pass 'heartbeat' abortion bill

Joshua Edmonds, the executive director of the Georgia Life Alliance, says he's confident the new law could withstand a Supreme Court challenge.
6:44 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Georgia becomes latest state to pass 'heartbeat' abortion bill
Shifting gears now to another major story developing right now out of Georgia this is part of a bigger narrative in this country of a push for abortion restrictions across. Dozens of states Georgia today after became the fourth state just this year. A to pass and sign a law that would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat. Can be detected that's typically around six weeks into pregnancy before many women even know. That their pregnant quite a controversial bill this at least governor Republican governor Brian camp. Of that state signed it today he had this to say as he signed the bill into law tickle us. I understand why the others have said that some oppose this legislation. Realize that some might challenge it in the court of law. But our job is to do what is right. And not what is the east. Through the life that we will allow precious babies to grow up and realize their full god given potential and. Now as you said this has been a part of a years long trend Republicans and essentially working around the courts slick even if it is still legal to get an abortion. Working to make sure that becomes harder and harder or nearly impossible in some of these conservative state the division bring in Joshua and Nancy we have the executive director of the Georgia lies alliance it was one of the co sponsors. Of this bill Josh Larry there. Yes ma'am excellent Travis and yes explain why all this new legislation to. So HP 41 the life backed the intention behind the bill list is to find that balance between the typical circumstances that women find themselves then. And recognizing the compelling interest that the state. As in protecting innocent life in the womb and so we've got this this balanced language struck in this bill. That says it one of baby in the womb has a heart beat them beating heart. The Dayton at that point on it Giorgio no longer be able to have an abortion. And then for those women who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. We've also got a tactics into written into the bill that would allow order. Families who in curb those costs during pregnancy. To be able to save an average 238 dollars a year to go towards those costs. Through this bill as well as enabling child support for a baby in the womb with a beating heart. So we're we're providing this balanced approach to respecting and protecting life and the womb in supporting. Mothers and payments throughout our state. Exceptions written so now. There or the original version the bill had no exceptions and actually even removed. On the current exceptions were in the law written and in 2012 from an a different group that was sponsoring legislation backed and and the bill was introduced with no exceptions in an. That bill that was signed today does include exceptions for rape and incest and or baby that the doctor determines. Would not survive life outside of the conductor earth. A halt Obama are. So this this bill does not include a health of the mother language. The medical community in Georgia is so. World class that our medical. Professionals recognize that they are able to accommodate those typical medical circumstances to protect. Bull mother and baby. And so there was no need to route to provide that exception and our law. Instead of their there's no help of them of the mother exception there is an exception in the air that basically says if there is going to be a direct threat to the life of the mother. And that the only way to shrink the mother is to remove the baby from the womb in order to treat. The mother that the doctor can name removed the baby in provide the best care possible. Tubal mother and baby you also recognizing that the doctors actually treating two patients rather than one. It's Joshua you're steeped Georgia is the latest I don't from growing list of states that are are seeking to push legislation. Of the type that your your state sign in to watch today at the political list of four Beers Georgia. Joins several states with heart beat bills are already in effect Ohio Kentucky Mississippi North Dakota Iowa. Among them we also have. I think ten other states and headed introduce similar legislation interest in Lido. But none of those losses taken effect including North Dakota the first back in point thirteen lower court struck that down the Supreme Court. Declined to hear it. What what makes you confident that this particular bill will sit will be sort of survive the legal challenges that are sure to come here. That's a great question so this life act earned Georgia is unique to any other legislation like it in the country. And what our bill does is actually we weeks lord. The oral arguments in the written decision of Roe vs. Wade into B Bolten. That establish legal abortion in America back in 1973. If you look at the oral arguments in indecision of room it says that if the state who has a compelling interest in protecting innocent life. Were able to establish personhood for a baby in the wound. That there would be no legal grounds for abortion because at that point look they guaranteed right to life that baby would be would be assured by the fourteenth amendment. And actually the council arguing in favor proportion in the case conceded their points that is absolutely right if you have person the child there's no right to abortion. Because you can't legally. Guarantee our right to kill another person in our country and so what's still does read in the first. Opening lines of the life act HP 41. Establishes that. A person under Georgia law. It includes. Child in the bloom who is not yet been warned and then throughout the the rest of the ability it affirms that the child in the womb as a person. And there. Did the focus of the Eagles not just restricting access to medical procedure but it's actually recognizing their right to lighten up personhood of the child that's in the womb and because no court has ever explored that argument in a state law we believe that. The courts that there is a challenge debate the issue Liu said they intend to file a lawsuit knew that that's their prerogative to name it they wanted to explore. And compare. Science from 1973. She signs and two dozen 190 let the supreme courts determine whether or not Roe vs. Wade has standing anymore compared to collect that that's their prerogative. Until we believe that that does indeed happen that we would be ruled favorably because of the unique nature of our law. All right we'll see where that legal battle heads Joshua Evans executive director of George elect alliance thanks so much for joining us today Daschle. Things others appreciate it.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"Joshua Edmonds, the executive director of the Georgia Life Alliance, says he's confident the new law could withstand a Supreme Court challenge. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62886740","title":"Georgia becomes latest state to pass 'heartbeat' abortion bill ","url":"/US/video/georgia-latest-state-pass-heartbeat-abortion-bill-62886740"}