Girl, 14, With Cancer to Get Prom Wish

A Tennessee town rallies behind Katelyn Norman to make her bucket list come true.
1:43 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Girl, 14, With Cancer to Get Prom Wish
They said that arm it has spread allies my cancer. And that. It's the beginning of in that my days in. So we started bucket list with courage and conviction fourteen year old Caitlin Norman. Has set out to make her dreams come true in whatever time she has left problem. -- and -- land -- Italy and -- day just individually without my Brothers and sisters. They needed. Could this pretty hard on -- her mother says Caitlin knew she only had two choices such a manner. Have. Any party or you -- -- off and we believe year we were -- just one had just give her what she influencing. Wouldn't you know on the struggle for -- what she wants -- which is he's not really much you know much but it's something -- her. Campbell county high school is planning a prom for Cape -- next Tuesday march 26. And your FaceBook for friends are urging people to lines in castle road in the fall it with candles at 8 PM and she drives home of the hotels China Motorola -- It's romantic support for Pacman -- -- and can't wait. Can't wait to get the outpouring of support from friends and strangers means the world to Caitlin and her family -- very grateful that can help him she's touched a lot people. I love it. This in the community -- always been such a great help and support. For me in my family -- It's just great at east Tennessee Children's Hospital Jill McNeil six news.

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{"id":18790379,"title":"Girl, 14, With Cancer to Get Prom Wish","duration":"1:43","description":"A Tennessee town rallies behind Katelyn Norman to make her bucket list come true.","url":"/US/video/girl-with-cancer-to-get-prom-wish-18790379","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}