Girl's pizza dinner leads to a prosthetic arm

Drew Gills, 4, was eating at a pizzeria with her family when their teen server offered to build her a prosthetic.
2:04 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Girl's pizza dinner leads to a prosthetic arm
A girl in Ohio is doing something she never thought possible cancel thanks to the kindness of a waiter with an interest inside job Rihanna Malloy of our station in Cincinnati with the details. Our story and pulled here at western brown high school but it all began here at Le wrote this pizzeria. It was a day like any other infidels shut down for Pete's an Austin weather waited on the table drew and her family have been a regular since Uygur workers Ireland. Then they deals mention that they're for real daughter who was born without part of her arm. Was having trouble turning her bite we just haven't casual conversation whipping asking how he's been and then that led to this. It turns out when Austin's not waiting tables keep building prosthetic. At age eighteen he's already created them for his or TC instructor and now he set his mind helping to room ride a bike to -- came ready to buy castles unicorn helmet and Ole. They strap the device to her arm. And she was well almost the first start. Lap one lap to lap three. Hours go back to heed the warning Gordon Gordon could she get them and she keeps at it trying to make a turn. Again and again I couldn't land again. Until finally. Nailed just to say the excitement on her face when she figured out that she can turn it can. Warner and just. Mean means the world in the end her smile says it all and kids. After all this moment is only possible because of this one. And to this young pizza waiter who reached out to help people talk about the future of our country and I think it's probably pretty good hands. Both of them. An often says he's still making some tweaks to his design but he plans have the final version by the end of this week and not our brand and Malloy nine on your side. Eighteen years all he'll get a ground that he and of this week on a slap hitter he has an update not blacker.

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{"id":55233147,"title":"Girl's pizza dinner leads to a prosthetic arm","duration":"2:04","description":"Drew Gills, 4, was eating at a pizzeria with her family when their teen server offered to build her a prosthetic.","url":"/US/video/girls-pizza-dinner-leads-prosthetic-arm-55233147","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}