Goepper's goal: 'I came here for nothing less than gold'

Nick Goepper talks to Amy Robach about how he wants to improve on a third-place finish in Sochi.
5:34 | 02/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Goepper's goal: 'I came here for nothing less than gold'
So nick how you feel and I'm. Yes. Long it. It's on the plane on much better. Part. Arid so you got the bronze in Sochi yes. Any pressure. You're putting on yourself that it did step it up a bit silver or gold. Absolutely. I can't record. Nothing less than adults. That's that's. Or accent. He was an awesome experience but it soon come back from a second Olympics and he considered that there August. It is very cool but is there pressure associated with that. Absolutely and it but it's good pressure like the pressure. And underneath the train artist you. I'll eight. Yet do you think about. Who you're competing against or you only really thinking about yourself and what you have to do. Oh. I do you. It's a things ultimately what you're doing but sometimes you can yet these you know. Your mind drift away and sometimes. You worry about other people that really. Just. Focus on what you're in the greatest impact you. So who's your biggest competition. Opposition is definitely worse yet here. Switzerland Norway US. Are all incredibly. And there's great very. What are you most looking forward to oh. Who I am most looking forward to use site we we've we've cut. Three days of practice and that's unusual most of that we have one maybe two days but we have three days of practice on one of the notes. Incredible. Incredibly sculpted looking slopes now courses I've ever seen in my life so. Four scheme core Eastman. Yet the weather cooperating for you this time says she was a little warm a little slushy. I don't think we're gonna have that problem this time it's I. He like he told. You know I actually I didn't mind Sochi is for our sport for an hour we're on top huge Johnson and operate. And its office now what's life like that more. Also like. Winter when it stands. Via icy cold hard packed something that you go faster. Morse be. And you really do have to adjust when you do this for you do based on where you are and that has to be tricky so the practice is very important. Absolutely. Practice before the event is this a great time to hone in your run in and figure out what you gonna do you love all the different obstacles. In just prepared for game. Give me a sense of what you've put into this to get fit young chain what has you or practiced in line what has your. Scheduled been like. To be ready to win bull. That's pretty loaded question. The I know I'm a tough on atop an area. The last few weeks there's been incredibly stressful. That the US all process. US and like. A lot of other countries. Qualified all of its athletes right to. Ask. Four competitions. Last weeks. We've seen so far nonstop and all five. I was fortunate enough to make it four man team. And it's been pretty intense. Just last year's preparation. It's crazy all the crap on the train isn't it all funnel one. That's all files that same day on February 18. And that's the plan is that takes time relaxing in this sort of enjoy the moment. Come hang out the PG and they. As. Dead is a great place -- to bring your entire family as a US aptly tell me about what this house does and in the is for review in four. You're support team. Absolutely it's it's great it's it just makes things. Incredibly easy convenient relaxing for her not only myself but from a supporters that are coming up here to Korea and I mean it gently and alcohol fanned him coming on us in the next 48 hours. In I just just a lesson Leo that's going here and coming out just relax NG. Just enjoy experience. And one of it's it's actually very beautiful theme love over bias is the campaign here you're part of tell me why that was important for you. Love over. I.'s campaign is important for me because I really respect the messaging and the influence of speak this no matter where you from. The creator color or back. I think that. And which equal opportunity. And I love that message. Yep that's the spirit of the Olympics in every way in its and karaoke and I'll. Yes I can tell Hayward ago been there done that checked that box. News and as a video we send a video here. Let us daily that that they well that's a lot Weirton Florio. And I'm sure you're very sudden hit the slopes. It.

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{"id":53015571,"title":"Goepper's goal: 'I came here for nothing less than gold'","duration":"5:34","description":"Nick Goepper talks to Amy Robach about how he wants to improve on a third-place finish in Sochi.","url":"/US/video/goeppers-goal-gold-53015571","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}