Gold Heist Takes Off at Miami Airport

FBI is investigating the theft of $625,000 in gold bars from an unloaded passenger plane.
1:20 | 05/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Gold Heist Takes Off at Miami Airport
And they knew what time the flight would arrive. And they knew which linked to target thieves on the -- early Tuesday morning scored big -- American Airlines flight vital to touched down. A box stored within one of the plane's cargo holds contained 625000. Dollars worth of gold. Sources tell local ten the high priced shipment was supposed to be delivered to it TR metals and around it refining and recycling company that deals and precious metals. However the stack of gold bars was swiped right after it was -- from the plane. Workers at the refining plant -- -- left tonight without saying a word about the big heist which now has the attention of the FBI. Investigators have since traced a trail of the lucrative cargo. The gold was first floated -- to -- passenger plane. And -- kill Ecuador before flying nearly 2000 miles to Miami International Airport we -- the plane landed at 4:42. AM. Roughly a half hour later crews placed the box of gold onto a cart outside of concourse. Surveillance images show the cart pulling away from the plane and out into -- -- on the tarmac outside of the cameras RI. One hour later the card is found -- the with no one behind the -- and no sign of the box of valuable gold.

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{"id":19195275,"title":"Gold Heist Takes Off at Miami Airport","duration":"1:20","description":"FBI is investigating the theft of $625,000 in gold bars from an unloaded passenger plane.","url":"/US/video/gold-heist-takes-off-miami-airport-19195275","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}