Good Samaritan Finds $3,800 in Tennessee Dumpster

Joe Ellis was collecting cans to recycle when he found the money and bank deposit slips.
1:23 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Good Samaritan Finds $3,800 in Tennessee Dumpster
For Joseph Ellis collecting cans and bottles -- cycle at -- speeding lord in Murfreesboro is a wave making some extra cash. And every once in awhile and went -- -- Norman in the doe or Joseph finds a little more than just trash. On Saturday night. He found 3800. Dollars out of -- -- real Joseph Ellis said he found the money in this dumpster he said the hundred dollar bills were in a small plastic bag with three deposit slips. But there was no name on the -- that he had no idea with the money belong to you. Cannot turn into people who took there were and not told about what happened and on human money -- -- he was come about when to gather and store these that he -- -- down below normal. The problem almost -- fell involved. The managers of the speedy -- called Murphy's Borough police but not first before commending -- from being a good samaritan I can tell like his parents were trapped for profit and don't. It's nice guy Joseph says he thought about keeping your money but ultimately he wanted to do the right thing. I think what my -- you -- plan. -- -- -- -- -- -- And on Monday with the help of police that thankful owner got his 3800 dollars back all thanks to Joseph biblically in his car and investment those who -- and it just goes to show that no good deed goes on rewarded in Kirkuk and -- down here -- my report and -- -- -- -- reform about. In Murphy's -- Traci -- Tito Nashville's new --

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{"id":18921456,"title":"Good Samaritan Finds $3,800 in Tennessee Dumpster","duration":"1:23","description":"Joe Ellis was collecting cans to recycle when he found the money and bank deposit slips.","url":"/US/video/good-samaritan-finds-3800-in-tennessee-dumpster-18921456","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}