Good Samaritan Pays Georgians' Power Bills

Man anonymously made cash payments for more than a dozen customers of Georgia Power.
1:47 | 12/06/12

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Transcript for Good Samaritan Pays Georgians' Power Bills
It can add up so quickly keeping the lights and Keon. Monday customer at the Stockbridge Georgia power office. Heard another in line tell the clerk he couldn't afford to pay his long overdue bill bill is about 230. Something now -- I just don't have the money right now the man said he just waited hours with hundreds of fathers in this Clayton County line hoping to get some help for his bills with a government program. But his appointment was days away. When he heard the story the good samaritan dug into his pocket and paid the entire bill he was. Like an Angel thing. You know what's happening to form and he continued to pay all or part of the deal for other customers and each clerks line he just can't outspend him between -- -- It is helping people just paint Hollins is there be -- how much of the theology as their meal each payment from between a hundred dollars to 250 even 300. I don't hit -- pay. Total over 15100 dollars check in each of the Georgia power clerks has worked for the company at least thirteen years. They say they regularly hear hard luck stories including the good samaritans. They met him earlier this year he was in financial trouble himself a once homeless disabled vet. And put him to be where he is now to David -- somebody. -- My god it was just a main thing he was just night. Just give me you know the story has swept through the county customers struggling to pay their own bills told me they were overwhelmed. There is really a god and then he -- -- painful to him -- that in me. Both the women told me that they believe the man's actions remind them that in this life you can never tell when a blessing will come. From Stockbridge and Henry county Diana Davis channel two action news.

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{"id":17893524,"title":"Good Samaritan Pays Georgians' Power Bills","duration":"1:47","description":"Man anonymously made cash payments for more than a dozen customers of Georgia Power.","url":"/US/video/good-samaritan-pays-georgians-power-bills-17893524","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}