Good Samaritan tries saving neighbor's home during Thomas fire

Many have lost their homes to the Thomas fire in Ventura County, California, and one man tried to prevent his neighbor's home from being damaged.
14:00 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for Good Samaritan tries saving neighbor's home during Thomas fire
Andrew an Olympia maybe you're infantry county at various beach now the fire. It's break behind me over there. Just across the freeway and getting introduced you now it's huge hit Bartley heat here actually helping protect. Someone's home shipping the much for chatting with eighteen you live of course of course my pleasure to know what. Realtor it out yes and that'll. Still what do you mean to prevent the fire by. You know you viewed together and this giant. Hydrate I dig that out. Members. Either. It's. Eight. Year. And it is pat green commuters. And firefighters and officials say. They're here but content. With words and John. Double the dime. And they'll go in and out from an officer unsure and gives you never know what's gonna. This time only a couple hours. No dwellers this you know. It happened before in the area. And not not this bad this is. ID two years ago we had a fire that burned the mountainside over here but it didn't cross over the one O one freeway. The fact that we're a Pacific Coast Highway right now is. You know and Wear bright red and behind the south as water and its Pacific coast is right there I mean in the sea of fire burned through Coastr. Exactly. And firefighters are battling multiple fires in hot Southern California right now. And we are feeling the effects can't hear infantry county and hired start in the Thomas buyers are not my name out there today and again. I'm worried about the queen and worried about those Anders. Can't get anything count me like chairman. Enters the starting place Spencer county three people and now. Very resilient you know we deal with a lot natural disasters here and I'm certain. Just say your prayers for us please nationwide here in. We would really appreciate. Amish I think you state things. I'm getting he view directly across the street where we are seeing where I had been mean hiring here and perhaps. Paying down again there are higher writer Anthony Geary act. So this isn't something the public should be should be giving. And and staying vigilant being prepared. Making sure that you know Ekene to a activity that's officials have been telling us. Matt like that is that I took him. To show you just. What I here. When he. I don't know what we'll. It went. Well. You're welcome and we are well. Now the president now. Q where. You have that apathy. And it's our and tired down here. What. An ankle and had. Our. More. Day. In color. I didn't that are in here. They are and what you. Here. Yeah. Yeah. It's your neatly in a group of very strong down air. And again those aunt and that officials that are causing needs these to grow. And accurately. And and I. A. Okay. Film it might each earning high. Now a lot like milk and striking overseas and here at stake from Lothian plant. We're driving out flat to adhered your scenes and mountains approach. And you were often seen. It. Almost here. Out and warm and lingering. And Harry here. There's some fire burning inherited traits he got a little bit closer. It's CE. It includes a very ill. Being right now here. Are in each heat. An atomic fire did start on Monday it has the largest of the work. At the earlier today and it started at fifty acre brushfire. Eventually there aren't much much bigger than they get original are. You know Wayne. Eat outlets that are currently hate and what into the me right now he doesn't think we check here. Core I mean he's. Anything you could. Will be covering. That. I'll make shirts keep checking on these pages. And officials also say that nature that if you're in this area in aren't. Check your local in the use. Check her social media. And also in venture more than 88000 residents have been evacuated. And 151000 homes threatened by flames. Now Vermont lake. Here is. Many people are wearing them back. And again night is that fire that jumped the 10 wine freeway. Yeah. A what. Can. Learn to hear from your plane and we'll. I already certainly. And I have an official here to get more in for me. So this is called the palm tree farm Rea slop over the process we wouldn't. And where we're intensely here. Question on the structures we. Five straight to your gastric. And fires now. Now we still pockets of fire. Turned announcement. Don't believe you wouldn't hurt it's you who now we didn't. We will definitely consider it so. That you. And here. Who. Well we've we've been stressing or any Horton. You're very likely. And there are. And we need it wouldn't. Our intensity. Bars and consume the fuel for the most part we still stand on picture. But the likelihood that this fire. And it's likely this weekend. You. Who. Yes there's many times where we've when department does one freeway and house's so. We plan that went in and it's important people we'll. What it really. Whitney. Picture when. What we have what's called BC alert dot org they can log into their that their telephone number in there and they'll get alerts I think it's updating every fifteen or twenty minutes. You've been ready injury count he dot org. Others website that will help you with its information you can all of that your county fire Twitter page at least fifty years ago. And the most from each. Of Thomas. Yes containment his 5%. We are increasing in size. So. We increased the size you might see containment percentage who definitely does not mean we lost it means that because of the increase in size percentage goes down. And how have eaten for people across the country who may not be aware that I think it's in Queens right you'd think more about what they are uncertainties are gust. Around this. Pollution. Success. Extreme happening. With regards you visible disability apparently. When what are important here fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Our resources it's too much. It's essentially. I'm witnessing what's on the ground trying to get right now. Yeah yeah. I think Jimmy hitting it with all the fires across. Town fire fighters. In the right. Is there anything that people need to know about is he thinking they're ultimately I guess it's possible for cats for tomorrow. I don't know the forecast for tomorrow I do expect other ways to increase today the fires gimmick and push into Santa Barbara County. Santa Barbara County firefighter fire. The agency is in new appointment with the more commands them. Because it's a threat to this. Much comes and it showed people little bit closer in street Louis but you think it is deeply to a group's greatest entry yet were asking state. On this side. We have. To close in so I came over here just a major boxing. And that there colleges to end the side of the tracks and countless currently. He's a little love them and their OPEC so the likelihood is which stay off. OK I just follow the sixtieth street think he's so much there. And again it's species like this. Aren't any deviation who. Okay if you and it looks like and give you guys who are you here of the fire that's burning across the way. OK think you ever run for watching again for more information. Scoot EBC Particularly. Affiliate from him and watching.

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{"id":51654556,"title":"Good Samaritan tries saving neighbor's home during Thomas fire","duration":"14:00","description":"Many have lost their homes to the Thomas fire in Ventura County, California, and one man tried to prevent his neighbor's home from being damaged. ","url":"/US/video/good-samaritan-saving-neighbors-home-thomas-fire-51654556","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}