GOP congressman on tackling escalating cyberattacks

Homeland Security Committee member Rep. Andrew Garbarino, R-N.Y., discusses how Congress and the private sector can address cyber threats after the Colonial Pipeline hack.
4:21 | 05/12/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GOP congressman on tackling escalating cyberattacks
And we are joined now by GOP congressman Andrew Garber Reno of New York the ranking member on the house homeland security committee subcommittee on cyber security infrastructure protection and innovation. Try saying that three times fast thank you so much for being here congressman. Thank you you're sadly Lindsey. So yesterday you called cyber attacks in greatest national security threat of our time as you know security officials have warned for years upon hacking at ransom where attacks hitting our critical infrastructure. Sir there any concrete steps that congress can take a right now to address this type of threat. Well absolutely there's several things that we have to do to address this titans' rent one he's really cute clothes legislation. That requires a information sharing amongst companies. Last year with each other as well as sharing with that would the government needs. It's not just once a day sentence is that there are tax thousands of times a day when thousands of different companies. By private sector state and local governments everybody's getting every day eat multiple times a day. And wet when they need they should let it. The government know they should let others know so everybody else can be this we also need to focus on critical currency. This is how are these these criminals are being paid. I don't know we've been might be to seven billion dollars we heard possibly last year at an utterly reports a ransom they hate but it's all being paid in Ingram currencies we have to look at that. There's there's a lot that we have to do. The government has done properly fund the cyber security infrastructure securities he says. That's under the Department of Homeland Security we need to make sure that they have the proper resources so they can do a threat hunting. As well as still working with private and public utilities makes it just doesn't happen again. Hey Tyrone the government can do and I crypto currency as peer just reported is rents more attacks and escalated in recent years as hackers exploit security holes. Is there more private companies as well as the public sector can do to prepare and protect against these vulnerabilities. Look matter whether it's private or public. The cyber security structures security ceases has tools. That they will work with public companies able are private companies will work with small government or state government so we're we're school is exhort everyone to try to prepare. I silly me they do not get hit with these ransom where taxes it can be something as easy as opening an email could be having outdated and passwords. These are. Is that media updating. Yearly or monthly just so that it simple reason where can't shut down a pipeline linking this past week. There are signaling that can be done and says it will help all these organizations. If they just ask. Eight yesterday president Biden called this a criminal act but so that there was no evidence pointing to the Russian government involvement. Do you believe that Russia can be trusted to do anything to address a sort of attack. We seed and it is sad dark side. Operates. Three lead in Russia brushing my not a pirate them to do this they've proven they they let them operate press one to shut them down they couldn't. We see their narrow margin nation states Russia China I ran North Korea that focus on these cyber attacks daily. They can't you know and they are attacking the united states air attacking our allies through these cyber attacks so it's something we didn't put the pressure to make sure that they stopped these bad actors. Whether they sponsor this when specifically we don't know yet but I don't think you'll laugh out. These groups to operate freely. In in their territory so many do they need to step up. How can stop him. And lastly congressman officials with the pipelines and they'll determine tomorrow they can get back online but we're thirty seeing long lines for gas an empty pumps in some parts of the East Coast how concerned are you about gas shortages as wells a spike in price hitting Americans in just a few days. We'll. This is the timing here that is that gets already goes on you know memorial he's coming I paid over three dollars a gallon this morning. On Long Island. If this is just going to hurt even more I think 7% of gas stations in Virginia. Are out of gas and so we are seeing the effects hopefully we can get the pipeline backed up as quickly Paul also lead thanks. I don't last too long but don't worry senior is it time you get for as volatile as I could just see them going higher. Higher congressman are Perino of the house homeland security committee so appreciate you coming on the show appreciate your time. She's actually thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Homeland Security Committee member Rep. Andrew Garbarino, R-N.Y., discusses how Congress and the private sector can address cyber threats after the Colonial Pipeline hack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77632994","title":"GOP congressman on tackling escalating cyberattacks","url":"/US/video/gop-congressman-tackling-escalating-cyberattacks-77632994"}