GoStream: Tour of the Iowa State Fair

More than a dozen candidates running for president will make the trip to the Iowa State Fair.
19:13 | 08/13/15

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Transcript for GoStream: Tour of the Iowa State Fair
Good morning and welcome to the first day of the Iowa state fair hearing and why. And it's also the birthday of ABC news digital ongoing coverage from the I think there. I'm frantic game and I'm one of just a million people come every parent I was it fair for the fine and the and and the competition. And every four years presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle come here to get up on the soap box then. And let port shot and shake hands with voters here in the first. In the nation cockpit day. Will be bringing it all you. The beaches the livestock. And honest and its eleven day here I would think there and ABC news digital covering all. Now that this day wine and the gates just opened about an hour ago but it there's already a bunch of people here at the party line for the that. Let's go ahead and start with took them a little tour of what this action look like here. Hammer home. So that the main gate down there. My parents are Eddy library for the doughnut. I'm there's over 700 exhibitors and concession stand there. And this is just one small section. Of what covered acres. Of land here. There's over. 40000 ribbon. Are handed out for all the competition and everything from the biggest or hands. Hi contests you the best mollid and that would be ugly it's K and it actually RD competition going on here. And it take you down to. A little band shell down here where there's that the twins contest going on. When I passed by earlier they were judging the infant excellent at what age group are now. So I've been seeing. Twins of all ages dressed exactly. If they imam morning in this area. They're already giving out ribbons here. Keeping get a little closer it. The rare innocently but you actually see your home. Okay think he's still my news. Now I don't think there has been doing on our more than a hundred years. And it here about ten minutes outside of downtown inland. And every four years the national media hound and a lot of coverage like that it. Candidates both Democrats and Republicans there. But for most time and it's actually sites out there your work for the competitions in the and the high is and all of the different. Wooden button and I've got going on and they are for the politics. And that but my colleague Josh tablet is at don't mind. It on CNN and they're doing something interesting here the Paris air they have a George Washington impersonator. I'm sure he wouldn't say that George Washington and it's going to be kicking off. The soapbox the president. A candidate get up and excellent and you never know that happened last year with plan. Net art site left cycle and 2011. Atlantic you know Romney made that comments about how corporation. Are people my friend. Which got a lot of a lot of traction. So because there's there's no filter between voters and that candidate here at this though you never know it can happen. And accolades an interesting question interesting people. ABC's Josh Haskell here thank you for that introduction Charlie if bring in George Washington and a second but first I want everyone to know where I am right now. I'm Jim Moines register soapbox which. Kicks off shortly with governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas be the first speaker totaled eighteen presidential candidates Democrats and Republicans. Will come into this rite of passage. As it comes to the Iowa caucus yes we're six months away but the I would state fairs under way gate one here there is that stage. Where presidential candidate some may get tackled some naked sheared. Others may make huge gas worth his podium is known. War Mitt Romney's beaten into government and think will read and or people do. Still a lot of action here in this will be the centerpiece of all the political pomp and circumstance and to kick off. This soapbox who other than that this year's first speaker. Mr. George Washington our first president. Thank you for talking to as George good morning my pleasures. How are you today welcomed Iowa I'm glad to Beers and finds its. Can you tells what brings you it'd soapbox I know you're the first non politically. Affiliated person to kick off the soapbox here that's my understanding is well which is a great honor it's and I'm here with the intention of reminding citizens of the responsibilities. Placed on there shall. As a Estes and a free nation. We haven't these luxury remain as spectators we must be participants. We must engage in debates we must. Educate ourselves on the matters and issues before us horse must exercise franchise must. And we're hoping Q to promote that it's here in Iowa what is it all starts here. We are here. I know that you weren't a Democrat or. You're not a Republican and he when you're planning on endorsing or supporting. Are you excited to hear the different speeches. I am looking forward to besiege the debate and the oratory I myself have no rates abilities and those matters. As to the other matter I am. Idled in regular ticket. I hold great deal of influence but influence is not good government. And I have no intention of influencing the decisions people by speaking in favor or against any man who'll make their names known as possible. Candidates. Or achievements. I'm at a shore audience real quick on ABC digital. What it looked like a state fair right now when you consider smaller crowd already attracted. By the or to worry George Washington. Now George I want you to tell me. We have a crowd here it'll probably grow. What do you plan on staying out there what's your message. I I have to say what I just said about. The responsibilities for our soldiers who remind the people of our United States that a great deal is. They. There are. Same things we're about find myself like. Free time. And finally can you introduce tested the drum major behind you in your entourage for the day. I have brought two members of the fighting drunk or Whitney. One away. Well good morning and n.'s lens store and on the drum major serving general Washington. Good morning my name is David they carry on the fight major serving. I understand you guys plan to go to New Hampshire after this and tour the country and I am going to New Hampshire I don't believe these two gentlemen joining there. Center so but on the engineering on the New Hampshire. Along with the rest of the candidates. Great you plan on Edie Amy fried foods today the state I'm sure I'll have some and we knew avoid the the right potter books Tara as you know offensive purveyors of that that I'm sure it's a fine find fish. But I'm certain we'll try some I understand there's some 75 different means on the stick and he had years. We'll find something happens you strike means of pork on a stick Connick guy. I I do enjoy more my. My home state Virginia well as as is your state I understand. Is famous for its work in our case specifically are ams. DQ well. We're gonna let George and the rest of this. Drum majors go on about their business you prepare for your remarks here at the Iowa State soap box I'm state fair soapbox which begins. At 10 AM central time with George Washington. Then former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee at 1030. Take it away George. They accuse him. Today. So just a normal day here at the state fair running into our first president who. Had some remarks. He said he's not necessarily here to. Run on his own campaign but he's all about. Encouraging high winds here vote of course first in the nation so they take the voting process very seriously. I'm right now on the main boulevard here. At the state fair. You can see things are well underway plenty of fried food is I know Charlie showed you it seems that everywhere you walk here. There is something fry. Something dipped in batter loft saturated fat should be an interesting twelve days. Eleven days of affairs I will be here reporting for ABC news digital. There are over seventy varieties of food on a stick here. But there is. One particular food on a thick that is the official comment that the Iowa state fair and I'm gonna have a right of affairs where this is the banning hearing that she's gonna at gonna help me out so. There's three different varieties up plane peanut butter and the new. Chocolate call it. Both pops in our. I guess since it's the new one I should try that. And coming along here. Great thank you I'll get a look at that. And all of the act prep you. He meets there. They are all the money it meant by the ancient. Let me get it we give it to the airport and it happened at work you so late last year we renovated an actor. This year that project that's. With harmony means that goes into it renovating the fairgrounds. But the thing and how many of these would you say that you sell. Waits at many that cannot be good there and at that that. Month act. You know you locked bank entitlement that than that lately. You know it it's not unhealthy worry is that though is. Disasters the. All of this will be my breakfast at 930 here but it's never too early for on the thicken up there it looked like often. And there. Let's get it tried. My first on ethic and here the I would say there. I gotta sit at. A fact that. Good evening Diet Coke a buck. Phillips. This is one. Probably like thirty. That we talked about the politics I want to show that was going on here in the local. And BP station at that point it's holding their own Florida. Informal poll here. Warren kernel pool. With the candidate hit him. Going on here every link that the corn kernel. And it's. And although this is very un official it actually looks like it's kind of falling in line with Lynne let the polls are saying right now look like from. On the GOP side has the months and then Carson. Which it then lineman. With the latest polls that have come out of here and on the Democrat side got Clinton went to looked like a hefty lead over. Her opponents enters. Bear in mind. And the back thirty Ed do this every area the year every hair and that what happened on think if they get well. You judge any Vitale what would you publishers. Very few hours we give you total. Take a look at this again. Oh yet hitting him and let them with the bulls look like right now it. So little unofficial I would warn people there. Back here at the Iowa state fair soap box seat at stage right behind me pretty sued George Washington. Then Mike Huckabee and Lincoln Chafee Jim Webb very busy day want to bring in route birders Schwartz and trooper who I just met. Do you concede. Front row already Roberta you wanna come up and talking ABC digital the second that George Washington cleared out Roberta ice all you run up with your chair. Tell us how excited you are about the soapbox. I'm not really excited my husband. And hear anything yet it Larry thinks that he was in Korea so we are very very careful about where we tried CNN this is a tremendous opportunity here and it's going. As we have all kinds of people coming here to speak they like us very much because of responds to be at first eight. We are did not hand. We are we this mistake we do not him primaries we get together altogether and we can't have them caucuses. And there are a lot of fun different people's houses it's the and that's been revoked victory. It's just wonderful to have something hearing and he went like this he. I would guess Alan map about once every four years. Roberta. I know that your front row I know that it may not might not be to see George Washington are Mike Huckabee but who are you looking forward to seeing. It's. Very hard. We went like this my husband Lindsay Huckabee is. Not yet any good job and keep me company on his 2% here and I like prison time. Recently first choice because there's too. Experienced pilot like unlike Sandra. I'm trump gives a very heightened terror on people get something that nobody else was really willing to talk about. But found himself and fortunately doesn't have the ability to continue. I don't know I think these flights and because they say this can't get himself under control. But he couldn't get a real good heightened. I were out front I sleeping and I which is amazing. Huckabee won Iowa last time I don't think his chances here. You ask him direct question I don't have a direct answer that because. I don't there's so many different candidates will that's wired the state fair that's right we're trying to make up our minds and I we sometimes he would be like George Washington very soon going to be hearing. Because George Washington was not great statesman. Jefferson had great people at that time we need silent stepped forward like I am so I don't think any of our candidates really do and fortunately most of them are bonds sold. And that's when things are and of course profits and everything out not being so like myself but the rest of the people. They do expect something for the month. Booksellers to expect something for their money. Would bother you it all candidates such as Donald Trump Hillary Clinton. Do not go on the soap box behind you if they instead choose to not give a speech here there are some rumors that Donald Trump may fly over in his helicopter. Give rides may have some sort her presence here what do you think about all back. Actually I think it. They have a choice to be. The people here we'll think about what happens and they will decide whether or not that McVeigh. Are wrong for not coming our soapbox. I think that it would be. Interesting and nice they did come but they don't have to come up to family people themselves will decide whether or not it was important that he be here on mom. When it comes to their. And you plan on being out here every single day this is just day one of a long eleven days we file a lot of advance ticket. We do come on but unfortunately. So much knowledge that you embassies here Iowa and I can't not chopped up at six. 600 cucumbers and that's a lot of cucumbers that we like to give them for Christmas presents. You better be there are they won't be there you. Do you think I might be able to have when he your famous cucumbers they sound incredible. The neck and ankles my mind and give them away as his friends. Up I would like. His senses kicked isn't as well let me. But when when the military and are again we will be here as much as we possibly can't be back like to see earnings Anderson some like people like man. We'll be back up about every every day affair possibly. Well I know you have busy schedule and I appreciate you taking the time to talk to us live on. ABC do you digital Roberta will let you get back to your husband and I. Definitely want to touch base with you again because there. Is like many Iowa wins undecided at this point excited to be here to state fair plans on seeing eighteen candidates up close and personal. Front row right there we're not sure yet what Donald Trump's plans are if he'll be. On that soap box it'll be an helicopter. All that is TVD but it sounds like she likes his message so far although she is on the side.

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