GPS Leads to Sex Offenders' Arrest for Murder

California authorities claim Frank Cano and Steven Dean Gordon killed at least four women while wearing GPS trackers.
1:56 | 04/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GPS Leads to Sex Offenders' Arrest for Murder
45 year old Stephen Gordon and 27 year old frank -- -- charged with rape beating and killing four women in Orange County. Both convicted sex offenders described as transients were arrested Friday. Our break in the case came up as a result of -- The homicide here in the city of Anaheim and that's when we were able to get together with Anaheim detectives. Last month the body of 21 year old Jo Reyes Stapp was discovered on a conveyor -- at a recycling center in Anaheim. At the same time in Santa Ana police were trying to locate three women twenty year old -- Jackson's last seen -- Santa -- October 6 2013. 34 year old Josephine Vargas also last seen October last year. And 28 year old Martha -- -- who disappeared in November police say the women frequented areas known for prostitution. Authorities say they soon links to three with the murder of a step. Deal lifestyle we are aware of them before individuals. Their pattern of behavior other location where the frequented. -- -- for them together police say they look. That cell phone records of the women and GPS worn by both -- and Gordon. The two are convicted sex offenders two years ago both were arrested after cutting off their GPS ankle bracelets and hopping a bus to Las Vegas and failing to register as sex offenders -- is on parole. Gordon is on probation. Utilization. GPS. Through our two suspects that coupled with additional. Evidence -- two these two individuals at a news conference authorities could not answer how the suspects could allegedly commit the crimes while they were supposed to be monitored through GPS as steps mother would also like to know. If it could have prevented her daughter's -- -- and to know about -- BS. Morning on them until earlier today. I'm not -- -- it now. It seems that it does not work.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"California authorities claim Frank Cano and Steven Dean Gordon killed at least four women while wearing GPS trackers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23328544","title":"GPS Leads to Sex Offenders' Arrest for Murder","url":"/US/video/gps-leads-sex-offenders-arrest-murder-23328544"}