Grandmother Unmasks Grandson Burglar

New Mexico woman, 71, says her drug-addicted grandson has been stealing from her for years.
1:20 | 06/19/13

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Transcript for Grandmother Unmasks Grandson Burglar
This Albuquerque grandmother loves her grandson more than anything loosing him is just really. The scaring me because I don't -- -- She says she's losing Thomas Parker to heroin addiction telling action seven -- to 21 year old is now stealing money from her home. She's been. Then taken things from me for a couple years now at least four -- five. Most recently the morning of June 14. That's when the 71 year old woman hurt someone break into her home. She confirmed a masked man tearing off just Indiana that's what she realized it was her Tommy and it says the last straw. -- yes definitely this grandmother didn't want to show her face but she did want her story told so that other children and grandchildren of course stealing from relatives in order to fuel their drug addiction. Can get the help they so desperately need I would like to see him. In a situation. Where. He's going to be helped and I mean really helped his grandmother says New Mexico is lacking in programs that get people like Tommy back on track. I would like to see him cleaned up. I would like to see him being taught in reminded how to be a respected citizen.

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{"id":19438198,"title":"Grandmother Unmasks Grandson Burglar","duration":"1:20","description":"New Mexico woman, 71, says her drug-addicted grandson has been stealing from her for years.","url":"/US/video/grandmother-unmasks-grandson-burglar-19438198","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}