'Guardian Angel' Gifts North Carolina Family With Cash

A man dressed in red gave the Hicks family members $100 while they were shopping.
2:02 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for 'Guardian Angel' Gifts North Carolina Family With Cash
-- 580. Million dollar jackpot for much of America has been intrigued by it reaches beyond imagining. But what you considerate jackpot is all relative in the -- balked at -- and grabbed my hand a chance meeting at the Ingles -- want to know what Tuesday gave make it hit something priceless. It was an older gentleman he had on a SE and red windbreaker I can explain -- the -- is. Just -- -- about him it was it was great. She was with her husband and two kids when the stranger appeared. Let down at my hand and they had a hundred dollar bail and -- the end times are tough for everyone -- -- -- It really -- -- -- now pays a handful waste Ayers all of the mother of Tyson and three month old Madison is still shocked -- that I just want to tell you. God bless you and Merry Christmas and no it was not all about the Benjamin and he said. And how much I gave the sentimental value is what gets stiffer the way he smiled at me justice. There's a great man -- just a Democrat added new. What -- do at first she didn't except to give but the man walked into the store in seemed to disappear. That's when Megan called a -- -- fifth that was your guardian Angel. -- she said really and I said yes medium cost -- back. Megan for shared her story on our news thirteen FaceBook page trying more than 18100 likes in about a 150 comments. -- -- -- thank him Alice who. Stand I didn't know what to say at the -- Courtney Fowler responded amazing god is great angels walk among us every day. -- ponder posted pay -- forward. And Stephen. On the day after the historic drawing one gesture puts the powerball in -- number and when her kids get older -- we'll explain the far smaller cash windfall. It sure seems heaven sent. -- I must be approved and then. They really appreciate it. --

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{"id":17845967,"title":"'Guardian Angel' Gifts North Carolina Family With Cash","duration":"2:02","description":"A man dressed in red gave the Hicks family members $100 while they were shopping.","url":"/US/video/guardian-angel-gifts-north-carolina-family-cash-17845967","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}