Harvey flood waters badly damage Houston home

A producer with ABC station KTRK in Houston shows several feet of water flooding the first floor of his home.
2:42 | 08/27/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Harvey flood waters badly damage Houston home
And if you want I can. Walk you downstairs. He does want that. Pardon immersed. Cardinal managed to pets are okay to let us. Yes so many people with pets to protect my well John as we feel endangered selling weapons to air Concord. Got. You know wild show. Oh listen here. I'm like I said it's. It's right it need. And. Sorry gosh home soon so sorry. Goodness goodness and he a flood insurance. Living room and then we come over here in. As we look out the back window here how so sweet. Don't movement he goes yeah just be careful gone through the water gel. Very very careful there's the floodwaters that we saw upstairs that actually half right below the window here. Right. In our music room hero. Looks out into. The mind you area. As our photographer Joseph Gleason taken pictures of his backyard read now you're just joining us this morning season Gil that. Yeah yeah we see any wonder then swallowed up your downstairs now until one of the hardest working man in TV and he is if you know Joseph like all of us you don't know joke. He grabs a camera and he takes through it and find it despite blowing through it himself he's showing us how he has been affected and not just him but his neighbors and and carefully going through the house they because thankfully thank god his children are upstairs his wife it's okay. And this is just incredible Joseph. A nation where effort to go nowhere afford to go. We think there is about two and hefty job. To hear us now criminal. Carlisle camp cruises garage. Good furniture she. Well they're at it now pains me to look at that it does it does judges want to be safe in the water just you know. I know you're trying to give us a better perspective and people are going this is this situation in my house two or maybe even deeper in many parts of the city. This is. Over reds and Phillip pay and boss CC Ellis who does he might have but we select your picture Joseph. This is how widespread this flooding is all across our viewing area. And just what devastation we are seeing from one corner of Houston to the other.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"A producer with ABC station KTRK in Houston shows several feet of water flooding the first floor of his home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49449298","title":"Harvey flood waters badly damage Houston home","url":"/US/video/harvey-flood-waters-badly-damage-houston-home-49449298"}