Harvey Weinstein 'railroaded' by #MeToo, new lawyer says

Attorney Donna Rotunno insisted the relationships Weinstein had with his accusers were consensual.
3:13 | 07/11/19

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Transcript for Harvey Weinstein 'railroaded' by #MeToo, new lawyer says
More upbeat public scrutiny. That they are here to hope that the justice is done we'll allow him a fair trial. The opportunity to have the facts he heard. I think the problem in the case like mess up to this point it's the fact that these. A motion of this case has been taken over and comments and advantage last outside. We are hoping it back at the trial progresses. As the evidence is put forth. And witnesses. Are heard. We will hear the other side of this story and the story that has been told up to this point has been very one sided. And I can promise you that there is it true that you have not reported on. We are here to uncover that truth. I'm over the course of the next several weeks as this trial progresses. You'll hear things about multiple conversations and emails had. That will lead you to believe that the facts reported up to this points. Are not the full story so happy to be a New York. Honored to represent mr. Weinstein and we came here to when he added a funding deal. Our own CNN com you and and how can be president Donna I'm gonna leave it read news. There I'm gonna be dancing form yeah. Story and you. It's I think without giving away facts of the case are what we plan to do. I think it's going to be obvious that the relationship had it with women in this case work quite conventional and we have a lot of documentation to back those things. Yeah that's their fifth burned on the hot. I'm now. Allegedly. Apparently. It's points. I don't undermine. And threatening me. She may try but I'm not concerned. Absolutely. Those are my initial impression absolutely had really have been real hard and I believe that movement. Allow emotions take over and they're devoid of facts in evidence. I absolutely believe that to be became. And while it. I eat he definitely stabilizing the issue with regards the lawyers has game. Misinterpreted by the last I think mr. Weinstein is an excellent lawyers an excellent representation. I think just as if he were casting the movie this is a circumstance where he needed the rightful heirs. And I think this type of a case requires the right lawyer I think the woman standing here is. Could make a difference. I think I need you things a little bit differently and I believe that he now is comfortable. I mean he never had bad council get good counsel and it wasn't an issue about him not being someone you can work. I think the issue is more about that and I think we're at a good place.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Attorney Donna Rotunno insisted the relationships Weinstein had with his accusers were consensual.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64268038","title":"Harvey Weinstein 'railroaded' by #MeToo, new lawyer says","url":"/US/video/harvey-weinstein-railroaded-metoo-lawyer-64268038"}