Hawaii's toxic 'laze' problem

Lava pouring into the ocean has created a plume made of fumes from hydrochloric acid, steam and fine particles of glass.
1:33 | 05/21/18

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Transcript for Hawaii's toxic 'laze' problem
We've now learned of the first major injury from the eruption of the volcano in Hawaii and man's leg was shattered by flight Bolton rock. I think sounds balcony the steaming Java is growing even more dangerous thanks to the ocean the rivers of molten rock in during the sea are creating. In life threatening condition. ABC's Marcy Gonzales is there to explain. For the first time since this volcanic emergency began here on Hawaii's big island lob a is now pouring into the Pacific Ocean and a couple of different places if you looked down there you can see. He's a massive. We'll bring a lot is going into the water and then just behind me here at another point of entry one of the concerns with this is something called Lee. This easy bloom that comes from a lot of going it and it can be incredibly toxic there's. Hydrochloric acid and fine particles of glass and pat and the concern is that the husband's that moved. Unsure and because of that and now order even more evacuations. Also additional evacuation orders in place because of concern. With the lava flow. Some people had to be airlifted out of their communities over the weekend for more homes were destroyed. By the lava flow and geologists say they expect even more for users to open up. In the coming weeks are also keeping a close eye on the activity going on at the summit. I don't think he'll land volcano saying they expect even more eruptions there potentially over the next couple of weeks. Marcy Gonzales ABC news on Hawaii's big I. So those tense moments to continue there thanks to Marcy.

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{"duration":"1:33","description":"Lava pouring into the ocean has created a plume made of fumes from hydrochloric acid, steam and fine particles of glass.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55327816","title":"Hawaii's toxic 'laze' problem","url":"/US/video/hawaiis-toxic-laze-problem-55327816"}