Heavy rain and snow expected to hit Texas

A storm system will bring flooding and ice to eastern Texas, from San Antonio to Houston, this weekend.
2:27 | 12/07/18

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Transcript for Heavy rain and snow expected to hit Texas
Us snow and ice expected to slam communities and at Texas Arkansas Oklahoma spent. These storms likely to cripple these areas ABC's Marcus Moore is in Dallas covering this storm for us markets. I Stephanie good to be with you this morning it's a soggy Friday here in Dallas Texas where. If you look closely you can thing the water of its collective little bit on the side to the roadways here. This is what drivers are in doing right now Stephanie. But the National Weather Service meteorologist here in this area anticipate. That that could change in a big way particularly. Overnight as you look at these pictures there as a winter storm that is working its way from the west over to the east. And they could bring freezing rain long with the possibility of snow. What parts of Texas. Which is a pretty rare thing it happens from time to time. But certainly with this storm bringing about the risk of the potential for as much as six inches of snow to fall in some part of the state. That really is a a very big headline and here in Dallas they the thinking is Stephanie that we. My only seeing. A hard cold rain because temperatures are expected to stay in the forties. And on the ground have been pretty warm so it won't be cold enough for for them to be snow or ice but. In the panhandle but we're talking about Amarillo and Graham and also bought into the east in Paris Texas. That is where they could see significant snowfall potentially freezing rain in that area and that's why there is a concern and in my drivers and residents are being warned Stephanie because overnight. They could see a potential accumulation. That and the and that could cause problems on the roadways and in the neighborhoods here in fact we saw the national the outtakes that rather. Preparing for all of this on Twitter I think we have some of those pictures. Those crews were Bob mixing up but the blind that there will be laying down on the roadways to traffickers prevent any ice from forming and also snow. From collecting on the roadways there but Stephanie. You and I both spent a good bit of timing in Kansas City where the winter weather experience as a whole lot different. And it is here in Texas so the whole peer as do that we won't have a lot of snow or ice on the roadways here in Texas and things will in some states say. Absolutely he had they can get pretty intense everyone they're bracing themselves of course. For what could come Marcus thank you so much from Dallas.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"A storm system will bring flooding and ice to eastern Texas, from San Antonio to Houston, this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59683349","title":"Heavy rain and snow expected to hit Texas","url":"/US/video/heavy-rain-snow-expected-hit-texas-59683349"}