Helping kids cope with COVID-19

Experts advice for supporting children through the pandemic during the holiday season.
5:56 | 11/23/20

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Transcript for Helping kids cope with COVID-19
And with the holiday is likely to look different this year in many schools going back to remote learning parents might be worried about how this change. Is affecting our children how can we find new ways celebrated how can we help our kids coach. Doctor Rachel bused in from the child's mind institute is here now with some advice doctor Richard thanks for being here you know we are in year that children are resilient so how much should we worry about are his right now. Thank you so much for having me good morning kids aren't really resilient. And at times I'm they also struggles that we really need to follow and they're each in terms of what it's hard Democrats are expressing some concerns definitely want to follow up. And buying out. And more school districts now are moving back to remote learning what kind of effect. Does that have on kids at her for so long to limit screen time now they have to learn and socialize on screens. They really do in this ghosts you kids are amazing ability to adapt and adding really think that this is all about remodeling. And coping and modeling resilience from Karen interest rates were present the expectation this is different is as hard that he can do I think she's a power in the. So does that mean. Molly's modeling does that mean it's being become less encouraging them and letting them know that we believe that they got is a combination of both. Yes it's a combination of both so. Caregivers should we really want to model we are not anxious hoping even if we don't accomplish we want to send an exchange. I get it again this is hard work and get through she's really look to ask you listen to what we sank in really look at. What we due as we want actions and her words it you deal. And then you look at the holiday is that's normally wary Kynan. Decompress that might be other craziness going on but we count on holidays this time of damning coming together a new kind of forget about and I'll. Of course this year the holidays are going to be yet another thing that's different so what we do. To make kids still enjoy this time and still he'll say. A really good question I think we want to start making sneaking. It's simply just bullying sneaking plans to wait and see what information did in grant somehow. Me an idea what we end up doing as a consolation. Race or information out now knee plans and then you're giving ballot usually ends at your may even a La and we also. Had. We really also want to set expectations at times and we do plan than a ball having you how solid come together the adults should be clear out what to expect in terms of social distancing mask wearing just Andrew when you're in India and who really reduces uncertainty innings. As some children have already started expressing concerns about Santa Claus visiting they know that. Other households aren't supposed to be in their house other worried about that doctor Anthony that you said in an interview that Santa is exempt from social distancing because he has quote. Good innate immunity what do you suggest parents tell kids who might be worried about Santa. Spoken like a true thanks straight at us like English I would come. Obviously look at heat your child. But it want to keep that spirit alive and and and Christmas is magical re thinking NC police say sand and the well you know. Christmas magic and so when he encouraged not to worry and that sands and the LC easily deliver toys all around the world how to they. Everywhere and 190 Jane and he thing it'll eat that it's not. And I got a viewer question on Twitter that I wanted to relating you asking about. What you do with an only child in this circumstance has kids don't always open up to parents as easily as they might open up to another sibling but. If your child doesn't have a sibling open up to what can parents do and that's an area. Didn't really interesting question so I think kids are different each evening. Only children and children with siblings so I think all parents should just always keep the that window open as Otis the communication. Sometimes kids don't want to link. Only children are super comfortable being in depend an end and start playing on our own large you know. Only is and seem to think our kids live multiple siblings. Bruins are subtle parents and really check ins and the line to me each. And some people need a little more prodding even adults from time to rest once and you say no not buying even a really not Arabia that's one or two more times that person opens up so much how do you strike that balance between may be revisiting the topic every now and then but without you know burdening. Your kids or your partners for that matter your questions right. Eight children and it's a good question so are comedians and remember you east meeting when I notice. Majesty you exert and that. Me eat a little bit more Tito rather than just saying are you okay do you want to talk so I noted that you've been a little Nicky I'm you know and and give some suggestions or notice. It is an hour and your real woman this is why that concerns me want to meet together and you've written a little different than just you okay. All right doctor Rachel bust and we appreciate your time today thank you it's one of those topics on the minds of so many parents thanks for coming on. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving as saying to you in your damn mind.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Experts advice for supporting children through the pandemic during the holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74361309","title":"Helping kids cope with COVID-19","url":"/US/video/helping-kids-cope-covid-19-74361309"}