Highlighting business owners during National Black Business Month

Larry Wilson, owner and CEO of Larry's Seasoned Pickles, explains the inspiration behind starting his pickle business.
3:04 | 08/02/19

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Transcript for Highlighting business owners during National Black Business Month
And guys if you didn't know on August is national black business month and according to the US and says 27 million businesses here in this country about two point six million. Are owned by African American so we are going to highlight a few throughout the month. Starting today with LS pickles or layer youth. Even pickles and I'm joined by the owner and CEO Leary will then in Jacksonville Florida. Malaria very happy to have you wouldn't see you. You know some of the best ideas aren't very complicated are they. Exactly you don't think that I'm insensitive the mother of invention for me it looks I don't do you have a good pick Ornette ally gets bored. I love it and I have some here right here that I'm going to be checking out later so what was the inspiration for these scene than pickles. Yeah it was. There was meat just wanting something labor when you know a lot of count what we eat like appear cool already been agreed snack. It's more so than vinegar or they eat you there's very little labor not want to become a change McNair. So that's kind of how I got started back in the need to actually having a good pick. I think we're cop Wednesday. I love that like you don't think another thing that's just like everyone except that pickles can be bland but you changed. They game so one thing you said was that your business really took off by something that your mother told you. Yes I'll mow mother unfortunately she passed away on April the the eighth I'm sorry what's about eighteen Big Three weeks prior to her passing she basically just kind of told them that you could eat. Far more serious with this business you have a great product the world and you know it. And no Latin don't want to hear about it if you continue to sit down and wait for banks that happen. She made me promise her and give her my word that I would get but I would get more aggressively get more series. Always great and about ground. Mark after she passed. On the way back from Atlanta must that must have not had a conversation. As she put you remember so well moderate told me. And also are from bear now where a home there were brought Malik Alvin exhibit. I love that and I saw a post on your and stick Graham page that said. A life without pickled is not a life worth living and I agree. Where American people buying it means delicious pickled I'm lucky an already have them. Well we have you eleven vendors into three different states we have been yours here in all Florida and George. Timothy. Also you can I'll order online at www. Marries pickles. Dot com or www. Larry these people.com. And you can also follow also praised McCain yes the Gramm and Larry the look at least one work. RA Larry will stand. Alderman down there in Jacksonville thank you so much and everyone going heading online and get to sell and street thank you Larry. Good to see you had a good weekend.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Larry Wilson, owner and CEO of Larry's Seasoned Pickles, explains the inspiration behind starting his pickle business. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64736765","title":"Highlighting business owners during National Black Business Month","url":"/US/video/highlighting-business-owners-national-black-business-month-64736765"}