Hillary Clinton talks new book at NYC event

Supporters gather to hear Clinton talk about new books due out this fall.
9:01 | 06/02/17

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton talks new book at NYC event
Hi everyone comical element ABC here at the annual acts being held in New York City this year. Right behind me Clinton just gave a speech in a discussion about some new but she has coming on September. And this isn't the same venue where she hoped he had been getting a acceptance speech. An election just eight months ago. Hear me I have three special women who came out besides seeing Clinton and it's your chance to and Jessica. And she outside out eight and command apparently that they actually are avid fan but subscription and so Jeff Chelsea. Me how. To see Hillary Clinton. Speaking in this venue where she hopes acceptance speech on the auction. We'll Camille is really great because I live here in the city and so I could have not here for her acceptance speech and I was disappointed and didn't get you that said here's. Teacher was fantastic. On the streets a year. The strong female influencers that she's had her life especially through the literary rounds. And it's just really enjoyable I'm just here is such casual setting and feel comfortable enough a roomful I'm strong women and. I thought it was exciting how she didn't shy away from knives to she did we use and winds here not giving acceptance speech and so she talked a lot about. Powell and the going forward and featuring giving advice to feature amendment it was really important that she was here doing something I was still incredibly important even wasn't. It that's actually an interesting point that you raise its she is here she did come out even though she didn't win and she didn't she was hiking and mention some time. And Hillary Clinton had been hiking and alleged he mentioned reading a lot of books. But she still came out saying she's been coming out warm more frequently since election night. But why isn't she you guys why is it important that she still coming out being a public figure and not just shy away they're hiding anything about. Because there are so many young women do need to. He renting and she mentioned that she's been giving up pressure campaign money to organizations that help to train women how to run for offense. And that's so important it is to get a female perspective than females coming around the country. I mean you complain area now to see her influencing on her own terms and answering your strength. And in. Getting out there and and during her life on you know when she says she's thanking him. You know getting some time their grandchildren chef's attempts are free now where she said she never renting. Her campaign because justice comes a time stamp and fumbling with you that. And it's obvious that Hillary Clinton mentioned that one of the two but she's going to be writing will be memoir about the campaigns for and her like things she had to go there. Of the many distinction passionate about the book isn't this just going to be. An overall what everyone already knows about what happened on the campaign trial is going to be her plane. And exactly how she felt it everything looked at her from the debates sue the news and everything that happened from her perspective. So you are my hope that Hillary Clinton will unveil. Something that you didn't know are kinda think you had a grass but you wanna hear it. A. A lot of times they talk about how she community reserves. And interviews and I was lucky to see more of you know who she is and how she really felt hearing some of that crazy things that went on during the election theft. Absolutely. Stunned to see that from her perspective. From him and Stevenson from the other side of the true news sign. A human being would be great Sam. Especially how she feels like she passed he resigned because she's a woman so all of these things. But she couldn't do we do in the election because she's one idea in the this is acting as a woman running for president not just someone running for president makes it seem. And one thing broke for all that you out there who may not have been here a man and a who watched as Hillary Clinton mentioned that her and doesn't actually have an India. And I know that who has a problem names ever been out there but what do you all think back to the conditioning. I'm willing to child again news with interviewing her wild inning. Taking that the lions beating them look. There. Such treatment. For. Featuring. Some how include each. And I and. I a hypothetical bacon is maturing is for Hillary Clinton's new memoir still it truly is from her husband and nurture her what she deals. When now on the campaign trail how she is gonna open up about. And in that maybe the rumor that occurred in speculating he'd open happens until her side story. Clinton also spent losses on that stage there she said. Pitching. It. Silicon she's been birthplace victorious day first female democratic nominee. Welcome to do it wouldn't want your next. I IR NC a prayer. Make good on promised actually encourage other women to you get politically involved with the statements review for other women because her visitation isn't Britain's I want. Her to get for the women because she was and our personal president but hopefully that grows from soon so I wanna see Hillary Clinton support and really. Try for the change that she tried for an election I'd keep going on. I mean I definitely want her to keep forgot nothing. The organizations that are you know encouraging them to run it's so important I follow. Only get their newsletters that I think it's fantastic they really need it and he. Living their view ever consider running for president Ernie and I like that made her political office and you'll be deadly not president school Lerner City Council because that's where you can really. Make changes and adult local. Opponents and their allied difficulties that you mentioned double standards and hear the Javits Center where she chose to be the venue where she what happened had she won given her acceptance speech. The glass ceiling. That would break catching one and she sounds like so many things I want have to go through originally not gunmen don't go through a lot of things when they're running for these opposite. But there's just different expectation placed on women and he just give me a little bit of feedback on how he felt about her saying that just articulating Catholic having someone at. That level. Say probably something that may be many of you are and in many of them in the audience. Have witnessed and felt themselves but to see some that even her love I've experienced having experience as well. And it's definitely something that you see all the time politicians and how she can be you know. That word or you know Cold War you know it just because you if you show emotion anger creepy person you have to picture that you're not. You know singing to one son together and you get called names because of that and just you know hear her talk about how. And to hopefully freed soon how she went through all of that in such a large election. This important. Hair her beauty and we're Arab traces have always been called into question and her. Her position as a mother had an interest that she's me. So. Or or is that a wife so to see Kenneth. Those are difficult tasks for a woman his running for president or any position for the position. If they're always called into question so much. And we've we've really talk about the seat than a man's wearing. It's Lima her about how. What what women are wearing is so. She looked great tonight alliger treat jacket looked great. And yes it was perfect staff recruitment. And Andrea. Yeah I think it is interesting how she's. We need more kindness but that she also with honest about the tree a woman president I'm incredibly difficult it is and how they do you have to think ties and she said tearing her campaign something like you can change legislation but it is a lot harder change hearts and the timing took issue with it. But now it's it's true it is really hard to change hearts and so which you have to do you have to you. Be reasonable ands you have to try and get involved and so I think there is financed at the end of the day there's also voting and being honest and doing anything to get involved in just getting back. Thank you made so much. One question. And by Hillary Clinton's. Constantly finding in the my book box subscription account yet the thank you ladies so much and thank you guys out there are so much for tuning in these actively lovely ladies. Ali Hillary Clinton's discussion about her new books the children's book and a memoir coming out yet to be named. In September for now I'm nickel Philip ABC news.

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{"duration":"9:01","description":"Supporters gather to hear Clinton talk about new books due out this fall. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"47782874","title":"Hillary Clinton talks new book at NYC event","url":"/US/video/hillary-clinton-talks-book-nyc-event-47782874"}