The history of Halloween

The legends of the frightful night have ancient Irish roots.
1:11 | 10/26/17

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Transcript for The history of Halloween
Let's just it's frightful night means ending. The first of November the end of August and the beach eating of a complete doc when does cool. On the eve of this hallowed day ghosts of the dead. Via. The mountain to read he'd like and yet. But it applies it toward all of those groupings periods. Costumes of animals in the coal and ghoulish Abbas pool of Natick the faces of the even triple preaching was born days as. English presents an old souls to make people holiday baking door to dole a grant from the dead exchangeable food treats. What about check it and client old Irish folk tale about the spirit stinky gas is inspiration for these. He rode the polluting and how. We'd only a piece of burning coal hollowed out and tonight the way. So frightened townsfolk Cobb devilish faces in the road and at some beads to scare away these ghostly figure.

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{"duration":"1:11","description":"The legends of the frightful night have ancient Irish roots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50735007","title":"The history of Halloween","url":"/US/video/history-halloween-50735007"}