Holiday shipping delays

Consumer Reports’ Bree Fowler advises holiday shoppers to buy and ship packages early this holiday season.
2:58 | 12/05/20

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Transcript for Holiday shipping delays
Less than two weeks away from Christmas Eve major retailers are telling the millions of Americans still shopping for holiday gifts are saying message if your ordering items online. Expect shipping delays last week and we saw a record breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday consumer spending nearly twenty billion dollars combined. And I took an extra seven million packages being delivered every day between now and Christmas adding additional stress the system that was already stretched during the pandemic. Is now is consumer reports senior tech writer briefed Al agree. Thanks so much for your time tonight. Given the heavy volume of packages being delivered right now what people expect from major retailers this holiday season and how can they avoid those pesky shipping delays. This year is we just really don't know it expects the best thing you can do is order early and don't be too particular. OK apparently we can all try and you that a procrastinators against not so nonchalant but. Are so shipping carriers such as UPS FedEx US yes more reliable and others to send. It's really hard discount rate now I mean UPS. Katic this and make money and he ended retailers to you know they had a tough year and you know they really need to get back in the saddle and sales. You know they're gonna do their best at what you need to you when you need. What's the Lance day in your estimation that someone should be ordering on line if they want to make sure that their packages arrive on time in. And what does this mean for last minute shoppers. In theory Amazon promises today prime shipping if you're a number. But I wouldn't bank on as nearly this year I would build an extra time if you know that you need to get certain things are certain places for certain people do now. There's really you know procrastinating. It it only in her. No reason to Wayne and any other general advice that you might hamper anxious shoppers this isn't. In. Its best to keep your expectations in check mean kids. I'm a mom of two kids they want certain things that may happen this year and you know you just have to be flexible and roll it. Last question for you are the hottest toy so far is missing. Easily it's the new PlayStation and made it a new ex lax to. Those are next to impossible to sign in I mean my kids not one hand there's I did and what is not about a brain. Well you know F. Explaining to let you know sometimes and doesn't deliver. Yeah you know you don't get every night you won despite all the good life eight. Yeah exactly and it you want to get one of those things it comes out shore shores and I'll just it's really this year and shipping delays again. Preach Fowler from consumer reports thank you so much. Spencer had a aiming.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Consumer Reports’ Bree Fowler advises holiday shoppers to buy and ship packages early this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74551313","title":"Holiday shipping delays","url":"/US/video/holiday-shipping-delays-74551313"}