Holiday travel chaos

Ice and snow led to dangerous travel conditions on the road in the middle of the 2018 holiday season.
3:34 | 12/26/18

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Transcript for Holiday travel chaos
Back here in this country there are millions of people who were hoping to get back home right this minute and mother nature's kind of messing up with those plants. That's go to Marcus Moore whose right now joining us from Dallas Fort Worth and mark is a 112 million people. Traveling over the entire holiday period and a lot of them coming back today. Yeah that's right tennis isn't that a just an amazing. Number that's actually a record breaking number according to AAA all of those people. Millions of them though will be leaving from the airport we've just outside love field one of the two major airports and the FW. And you can see the constant flow of up travelers who have been arriving here. And getting ready to up to head home. You mentioned. A holiday thing. The day people will change. To their homes and when they get to the airports across the country they will likely see a scenes similar to this without millions of people. Filing in standing in line ready to board their their flights throughout the various destinations and he and his two and a half million people. Are expected to fly today sol today is one of the busiest days of the season and so far here at dallas' love field we haven't seen any. Major delays or cancellations but I can tell you that the situation. Is expected to change and there's a real concerned that. As this a massive winter storm works its way from the west. Two of the east we could see particular. It delays or perhaps cancellations at some of them a hub cities throughout the country. And that is something can as we are watching very closely today and certainly hoping for the travelers here that the things will stay smooth for them. Yeah that indeed in Dallas love field of course is a hub major hub for Southwest Airlines which. Travels with a lot of fan leasing you can imagine. Any weather hiccup could be a problem they are glad to know that it's going well right now. What a re caring for the rest of the holiday week as far as travel goes. Won't as the storm works its way to the east convince me you are expecting. To sea ice and snow that will be dumped it to our north. And heavy rain. And the potential for severe weather here in the Dallas area are actually to the south of Dallas as a slight risk today so. Com as we enter the rest of the week this storm could cause a ripple effect for for travelers. And and certainly we've already seen how this particular a storm system is cause problems already in Southern California. This morning weakness. Showed pictures. A twelve car pileup that happen on the F fifteen freeway in Southern California. Officials actually had to shut the roadway then known because it was so bad so. I'll leave that the fear is that perhaps that could carry over into the rest of the week. We'll just have to see but certainly as travelers get ready to leave today. They can expect perhaps some. Delays are or are certainly long lines at the airports but but can this after today. But experts are suggesting that you actually went into lighter traffic here at the airport. And on the roadways. Get this more than a hundred million people. Are expected to drive this holiday season so that's what we have to look forward to and certainly again I would hope the mother nature doesn't spin things around too much. Yes and they're facing some relatively low gas prices this holiday season so that's all helping. To contribute to so many people driving Marcus Moore at dallas' love feel safe travels east this weekend markets.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Ice and snow led to dangerous travel conditions on the road in the middle of the 2018 holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60022212","title":"Holiday travel chaos","url":"/US/video/holiday-travel-chaos-60022212"}