Holiday travel picks up

Millions of people are heading home for the holidays.
2:59 | 12/19/18

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Transcript for Holiday travel picks up
So many people millions of people in fact are hitting around and taking to the skies let's come to the airport I did it currently is at Dallas airport in the DC area. And deviate can you tell us more at just about how many they sheer number of people that are traveling this always surprises me. First of all we have moved we are now at national airport which is Reagan national airport right next to concede. 45 million Americans expected to travel. And the holiday period starting today according to the airlines the busiest two days. Tomorrow and Friday but let's go back to what ginger was talking about that weather storm that is coming here to the East Coast. It's expected be rainy airline Citic inhalants of them the question is. Here at TCU and T has say. As I mentioned 45 million that's about a five point 2% increase over last through that's 2.3 million additional travelers. So what TSA is telling us is that they have added officers. At these checkpoints to try and get people through this is a pretty long line actually. For this time here at BCA. But I can tell you I would pick the last person in line and tell you they're not gonna wait much more than ten or twelve minutes to get through this. So we spent some time we TSA today and they said don't forget there are new rules if you haven't traveled for awhile. All electronic large electronic devices now have to come out of your bag not just the laptops so that means anything. I've had any of those bigger electronic devices have to come out and the reason is. They have intelligence that bomb makers are trying to put explosives into those electronic devices also you may be asked to take your food out of your bags. That's because it can mask something in your back so. Different rules if you haven't flown for awhile. TSA believes they can handle this extra load the airlines say they can handle the weather so let's hope that everybody gets home for the holidays. The Alley certainly hopes and David and we talked yesterday in Florida sign up he bent through security in the last 24 hours or so. I'm curious how long you waited and they did they have any predictions about. Say it here in the taken eight tomorrow traveling home about how long he might wait in nineteen saline. So I talked to the TSA the guy who runs TSA out of Dulles this morning and Andy he says. He expects ten to fifteen minute lines. Twenties when he tries to get to anything twenty alas they are happy. So. That will be the big question is are they able to move people through and at this point it looks like it's working. Don't forget if you're traveling. Remember what the rules are you ready when you hit that checkpoint have the stuff out of your pockets be ready to go when you get through a little bit quicker ball get through them what. All right thank you very much data currently nobody wants to be the one behind somebody left their code on. They're laptops still in their bag all that stuff C at a be prepared as he approached the line. I think that life David early for as at Reagan national.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Millions of people are heading home for the holidays.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59911551","title":"Holiday travel picks up","url":"/US/video/holiday-travel-picks-59911551"}