Holly Bobo Search Yields Break in Case

Tennessee officials to announce criminal charges in the case of the missing college student.
3:00 | 03/05/14

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Transcript for Holly Bobo Search Yields Break in Case
-- holly -- first disappeared pink ribbons like that across Parsons had been a symbol of the hope that holly will be returned home safe. Now the investigation appears to be heating up her family's holding tight to each other and their faith during this time. Holy -- -- mother told me via text message that the family is not up to speaking about the latest developments surrounding her daughter's disappearance. But the family's pastor who's been by either side since -- vanished told us how her parents are holding up. Labor Day is a difficult play in the divorce whenever -- -- you know patent things like we dread going all. It's a roller coaster for them today really. Pastor Don franks told me as far as he knows there's no connection between -- -- 29 year old Zachary Adams. Adams' home and property and Holliday was the focus of a massive search Friday that stretch into the weekend. Adams is in jail on an -- related aggravated assault charge. And we're -- who was -- -- bitten county on unrelated charges -- investigators. Adams threatened to shoot her in the head and quote gut her inside his home February 6. Bray is the sister of adams' girlfriend -- evidence is this evidence here we went to her Camden home to talk to -- but the teen who answered their door told us to -- This is also the home where Adams was arrested on drug charges after a search warrant and investigators say they -- Adams -- marijuana and -- They're very thankful for -- displaying dead dead dead. Law enforcement is doing and they worked very hard very diligently and only. -- Bobo family and the community as a whole. Are anxiously waiting to see if all of these seemingly un related things will lead to Holly's return. That dvi told me on Tuesday that right now the work in this investigation and gathering information. When things they gathered during their recent search warrants and -- just a pleasant gas bills needs to.

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{"id":22785692,"title":"Holly Bobo Search Yields Break in Case","duration":"3:00","description":"Tennessee officials to announce criminal charges in the case of the missing college student.","url":"/US/video/holly-bobo-search-yields-break-in-case-22785692","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}