Homeless to Harvard: One Woman's Journey

Liz Murray talks about her book, "Breaking Night."
2:23 | 10/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Homeless to Harvard: One Woman's Journey
Allow it just occurred to me that -- for the first time -- say I'm the author of blah blah -- -- like I've never said that force and so are here on camera. -- at my name is Liz Murray and I'm the author of breaking night. Which is my memoir. That holds my journey of going from homeless to Harvard. -- -- -- It's actually as it's slang for staying up through the night time until the sunrise. So we always graphite broke night and that's just please see the first hints of sunlight coming through the sky -- stayed up. We woke up off the we saw people on their way to school we went -- diner and like splashed water on our faces and it was daylight. I was told my friends are -- breaking night I'm walking around the neighborhood I. Slept on the when I describe how I grow up to people -- there's almost like two ways to look at it. I -- like most people did with a family surrounding me and a home filled with love. It just so happened that -- that we're addicted to cocaine and heroin and my mom was an alcoholic and we had this. We had drug addiction like a wrecking ball tearing through our family. I lost everything I was invigorated in this way. -- I realize my life was actually just the blank -- and in that space which came to -- very painful way. This freedom opened up -- and it really just declare. Well what I want my life to be about. And what occurred to me -- was really education. And realize that life could be so much more than ordinary that you -- wake up every day and actually feel invigorated and I felt invigorated going back to school. And the life was really pushed back inside of me what I have learned is that actually no one knows what's possible until they do it. Not until your -- in the chair at the application is submitted the attempt is made. You don't know no one knows and that's what's kind of cool about life that's what's so beautiful -- every single day is another chance.

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{"id":20508884,"title":"Homeless to Harvard: One Woman's Journey","duration":"2:23","description":"Liz Murray talks about her book, \"Breaking Night.\"","url":"/GMA/video/homeless-harvard-womans-journey-20508884","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}