Horrific new details emerge in case of 13 captive siblings

David and Louise Turpin were arrested for torture and child endangerment.
3:18 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for Horrific new details emerge in case of 13 captive siblings
All thirteen of the victims. Including and including the defendants. Typically go to sleep 4:5 in the morning. Sleep all day and be up all through the night he. Victims report that as a punishment. Starting for many years ago. They began to be tied up. First with ropes. One victim at one point was. Tied up in hog tie. And then win that victim was able to escape through the ropes. These defendants eventually began using chains in had a loss to chain up. The victims to their beds way to punishment included frequent beatings. And even strangulation. These punishments would last for weeks or even months at a time when have you reasons for the punishment is worth the children were. Found to wash their hands above the wrist area. They were accused of playing in the water the evidence is that three victims were changed up at the time the police. First knocked on the door at the home in Paris. Defendants were able to get two of the victims unchained. Before the police actually entered an eleven and fourteen year old were unchained as the police stood at the door. While 22 year old remain change to a bed when we send to the victims were often not released from their chains to go to. The seventeen year old victim that escaped. Had been working on a plan with her siblings to escape this abuse for more than two years she escaped through a window. And put one of her siblings with their. That sending eventually turned back. Became frightened and turned back. Back into the house the neglect and abuse started when family lived in Fort Worth in the Fort Worth area of Texas. With the parents of one point living apart for most of the children and dropping off food from time to time. All the victims. Were and are severely malnourished. One of the children at age twelve. Is the way an average seven. The 29 year old female victim. Weighs 82 pounds. Several of the victims have cognitive impairment and neuropathy which is nerve damage as a result of this. Extreme and prolonged. Physical abuse. None of the victims were allowed to shall remain once a year none of the victims have seen a doctor in more than four years. None of the victims have ever seen a dentist they were not allowed to have toys. Although there were many toys found in the house that were in their original it's never been supposedly home schooled children left even. They lack a basic knowledge. Of life many of the children didn't know what a police officer Wallace but the only thing children were allowed to do in their rooms or teamed up was to write in journals. We now have recovered those journals hundreds of them. We're calling through different the parents would apparently by food. Themselves. And not allow children to eat it. They would buy food including pies apple pies. Pumpkin pies pleaded on the counter potential look at it but not for.

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{"id":52442033,"title":"Horrific new details emerge in case of 13 captive siblings","duration":"3:18","description":"David and Louise Turpin were arrested for torture and child endangerment.","url":"/US/video/horrific-details-emerge-case-13-captive-siblings-52442033","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}