‘They were horrified’: Students on people running from gunfire

Two students tell what they saw during a high school shooting in Southern California Thursday morning.
4:39 | 11/14/19

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Transcript for ‘They were horrified’: Students on people running from gunfire
I'm we re sitting right outside the library thankfully diet fronts dimes. And like the front big stairs yelling that few other friends. And then we heard what sounded like binders stopping them that had been what I planned birthday balloon popping especially rental everywhere and does. But then there's still something and I got that Ellison and Estrada's is sunny side but likable Atlantis so evidently in quiet and now we heard cheesy line and NASDAQ ended like this. Is this is really is something is wrong. This is not normal gas and then another cousin dreamland that's when we grabbed our friends and Mimi Desiree and we had no anywhere within about this news to get out. Yeah and then we ran on the school and went right there it'd Jason's house. I hadn't. And you let us in and everyone was crying overall it's a real. She realized it. We think I feel. Hi Emily processing and held it until the saddest story the senate really besides what running out of school because you never think it's gonna happen you think that maybe it's just on the your body doesn't like this self defense mode where you just you think that says you're not yet you don't understand what's actually going on at volley presenting America like. Thirty minutes but it probably was like five seconds. If any is this the only training in hand from drill now when asked nine on its heroes every zoo lied during classrooms. And you know like during class and at Celebrex I don't even thought through them as they want to tell me do. School and that thing isn't a situation that's. They put this is easily overcome but the thing is that one half column when that had things. Take a little wild rest get tumbleweed need to be trained to work were white cat fight to get out of the school I had you don't think. If we weren't happy but I'm pretty sure we would've been shot because we ponds and we it's just scary to think that a series that we learned the wrong place wrong time you could be dead right now. So could you tell where the shots were. Fund not at first we I feel like we need to do outdoors because you get the echo it sounded older by the quiet area and it would make the most sense because I was populated and that we saw people's screening and looking saw them running away from that Claudia towards an aggregate of some of them looking behind that you're flat out never forget the looks on their faces they weren't. Horrified cereal and so we just ran out of that school and I was like terrified that god was literally I guess people and sent back yeah about his we're going. On the stairs or an hour so okay now has returned in the morning there's just nothing here that you can't outrun it got any notice you you always keeping you can't as a teenager percent of when he actually hear you know half thought the bullet can you know you don't know no lighting your blind sided you're riding you're terrified you're looking for your friends that you think LC out exactly it's to get out and then when you likely end up somewhere you know someone. Campaign in it was a concern for brother. My brother he's might wind a guy getting emotional. He actually stayed home because get a the American and I have news Wyatt and might not he would event in the bottom by that time and I am and forgotten that he lives in that he was at home sick and I had a panic attack I was crying I was like I was calling them about a dozen that is found on hand. And then I called my mom and then on Saddam I was at home sick but modestly. It's a little siblings got shot and I I don't know how they would feel right now to the Y got shot I can't even imagine I can't imagine what happened I knew I wasn't thrilled. When I remember it. We don't have drills. Why can't wait events this early in the morning so I don't on campus spread. Yeah different drills they want everyone and I have a seven consciousness. But not everyone has the experience that's. Many like this doesn't Marion if I could ask the girl's question and people not turn. Yes and no immediate question go here I'm just wondering the girls are mentioning that everyone's not in class Chad do they feel that was a positive or negative with what happened. Not because it was before classes began do you think that was to the advantage of students in being safer than if they had been in the not so anyway this sick out here if he was doing lines more than once you only get hurt I think no means is I'm outlined exact student store and it's populated and you know you're more dispersed yeah I don't know I feet got shot in the morning it it might event no way of him like. Just getting out of there early without huge crowd of panic. There was suspicion he could about desserts didn't come before he had time to act but high pitches. I don't know why he would do that I'm I'm thankful that I am not thankful for the city I'm thankful that he did in the fourth. First ticket that it was a net classes and only a few people shot to the body. Area in the morning so there was just play it and it managed for the students.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Two students tell what they saw during a high school shooting in Southern California Thursday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67015610","title":"‘They were horrified’: Students on people running from gunfire","url":"/US/video/horrified-students-people-running-gunfire-67015610"}