In Jailhouse Interview 'Hot Convict' Says 'This Is Really Not Me'

Jeremy Meeks speaks out from jail after his mug shot went viral.
1:44 | 06/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for In Jailhouse Interview 'Hot Convict' Says 'This Is Really Not Me'
And they found a -- -- -- strong Stockton police arrested four yesterday in a game roundup it was great police work. But the only potential -- are getting is on their FaceBook page forward Jeremy Meeks -- visited my wife and she says that are blue all over -- -- all over FaceBook and all over the world. -- Stockton -- more than 24000. Likes and more than 6000 comments that -- -- writing if this guy broke into my house I'd make him forget why you broke in within thirty seconds. Laugh out -- Ladies out Tiago I got fifty shades on that man. Oh god yes TMZ has jumped on the hot convict bandwagon as well as media outlets nationwide. But not everyone agrees for instance Lisa McAllister says. Criminals aren't sexy. Real men work and ladies don't fawn over criminal trash have some self respect the criminal himself didn't know why he was so popular. In -- I told him. -- -- -- -- that but I just want to know. That this is really not -- problem not some kingpin. And that is the only reason -- agreed to the interview to tell people his side of the story saying even though he's being charged with street terrorism. He is no longer a gangster the Stockton police department has also notice what's happening online and is reminding people Jeremy as a felon. Allegedly caught with a gun -- spent nine years in prison for grand theft well. It's a mug shot so low and away from the computer and on the streets of Stockton nobody is going crazy for -- blue eyes. Is the -- Now that's a lot of people and -- -- it's up. At least he's -- for --

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{"id":24237915,"title":"In Jailhouse Interview 'Hot Convict' Says 'This Is Really Not Me'","duration":"1:44","description":"Jeremy Meeks speaks out from jail after his mug shot went viral.","url":"/US/video/hot-convict-interview-jail-jeremy-meeks-24237915","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}