House gears up for public impeachment hearings

Public hearings in the impeachment probe kick off Wednesday.
3:34 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for House gears up for public impeachment hearings
We begin with a high historic week in Washington the house gearing up for the first televised hearings. In the impeachment probe of president trump now reminder this is all centered around the president is July 25 phone call to Ukraine where whistle blower in several other officials have said the president abused. His powers I want to bring in Karen Travers at the White House and we have Catherine fathers and our DC bureau and Catherine. Also with you because I want you to explain how all of this is gonna go down and also the Republicans. Want some very interesting witnesses to come forward. A yes city's public hearings are going to happen on Wednesday and on Friday you have three of these top officials the former ambassador Marie anonymous State Department official George can't. And then Bill Taylor on top US diplomat in Ukraine you see them on there we'll hear from you anonymous later this week. On Friday but. Look there's decisiveness Republicans are hoping that those three people their going to try to undermine her credibility and I are gonna say. Look they don't have firsthand knowledge on this call they didn't talk to the president. Directly but what Democrats want out of these public hearings they won the American people to hear for themselves on camera before millions of people. Need these three accounts and what they're hoping a to show is that we have this whistle blower complaints. And these three. Are cooperating that whistle blowers account and providing a more di tale specifically about Ukraine policy but when what we will hear a lot about. Is the tons sun's rays by these people. Of the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani back channeling. This Ukraine policy through the State Department. And can't and it's interesting because the president just wants the Republicans to say that this call was perfect. And they're not all getting in line behind him on that the president can really insist. That the phone call is perfect he did nothing wrong in their should not be an impeachment inquiry but it was notable to hear congress announce thorn Berry tell ABC's Martha Raddatz on this week that. The calling his view with inappropriate but he doesn't believe it was impeachable so yes there were some problems but no this doesn't rise to an impeachable offense the president did not like that and he said Republicans should not fallen to what he calls of fools trapped. And city that he insist there was nothing wrong. I think it's interesting from the president today Kimberly is a hint as saying that the transcripts released so far by house Democrats. Have been doctored they're being eight current or former all administration officials his transcripts of their closed door testimony have been released to the public. No Republican lawmakers have taking issue with what has been released and those witnesses themselves were able to look at that before they were released publicly the president the only one saying without evidence that the transcripts were doctor. Yen Karen what's going to be the counter programming by the white house on Wednesday when all of these hearings begin. Leno and the White House has insisted that they don't you war room they don't need a strategy that the president himself in the war room and he is his top defender the resident I love very busy day here at the white house on Wednesday he's welcoming Turkey's president airline for a series of meetings. And they are also willing to hold a press conference so the president maybe tuned into the morning hours of the impeachment hearing but in the afternoon he would be occupied here but it does mean we will have a chance constant questions about what was taking place. It's couple miles away up on Capitol Hill. All right well everyone will be watching on a thank Karen Travers at the White House and Catherine fathers NRDC bureau thank you so much. In guys make sure to keep it here for full coverage of the impeachment hearings starting. Wednesday's morning.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Public hearings in the impeachment probe kick off Wednesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66915068","title":"House gears up for public impeachment hearings","url":"/US/video/house-gears-public-impeachment-hearings-66915068"}