Another Day of Huge Waves Along the California Coast

Tropical Storm Marie has produced waves up to 20 feet tall.
7:19 | 08/28/14

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Transcript for Another Day of Huge Waves Along the California Coast
The California coast and another day of the massive waves take a look slamming down. Some the highest twenty feet from tropical storm -- read dozens of rescues. And the dangers of the surf one -- who did not make it out alive I'm Michelle president New York day three of those dangerous waves that ripple effect. Of tropical storm Marie now let's go live -- -- Phillips of -- Los Angeles station. KABC Marsha. You're live in Newport Beach give -- the latest. Amish here at the wedged in Newport Beach we still -- -- crowds of people coming in. To watch this high surf now this is a popular spot for surfers. But these conditions are exceptional and many spectators well they're definitely -- in -- -- our. Surfers catching big waves at the wedge in Newport Beach -- only had. Couple experiences like this -- most of the men and why some people -- -- to drop in on the -- -- conditions. -- -- -- swells reaching twenty feet some surfers who are out earlier decided to take it easy today it's like riding a roller coaster and then having someone -- -- that went ahead everywhere -- others risks that big white -- Dylan content snapped his abort on this way the want to make the job. It didn't work out. That -- cut -- all the action was welcomed by the crowd of spectators lining the beach but with the crowds comes traffic. It took -- -- to get from across the Pacific Coast Highway down the peninsula. It took me about an hour and fifteen minutes some locals took advantage of the crowded situation we just decided that -- mean. Make -- money when there's a lot of people that can't -- from. These young entrepreneurs are selling doughnuts coffee and water yesterday -- -- 200 -- And they're not doing too bad today he's now -- -- -- to have gotten the large crowds are expected all day on the beach and in the water. Lifeguards are busy keeping a watchful eye on -- certain that they message when it comes to these conditions. Know -- limits. On the search service not didn't have got here search in this -- not -- songs and and I think myself to you -- not agree that it doesn't. And I wouldn't even going so. Now back -- live Michelle as you mentioned -- that had to. Make several rescues the lifeguard boat is out there and everyone's keeping a watchful eye on the surface. And also asking folks that if they're watching these ways to do so from a safe distance and avoid those rocks and jedi is because. Once those waves come and it can't take you out pretty quickly -- -- -- our show those waves certainly a draw for the experience -- as well as the spectators give us an idea. What you're hearing of how long this storm is supposed to lingering dish out these huge waves. -- you mentioned they they'd been pounding our coastline for about three days now we have a high surf advisory until 1 PM tomorrow not with that comes rip currents. And large swells -- a lot of folks are still being asked to stay out of the water. And you know we also have the -- side of the dangers sides of this big surf in Malibu the -- that was killed give us an idea of whether or not. Many people are starting to heed the warnings as a result of this death or what are you hearing from the surfing community. You know I actually spent a lot of surfers this morning many of them who -- in the water yesterday and deciding. To sit it out and watched the big wave surfers today deciding that it wasn't the risk they wanted to take because again. These waves are and -- this is not like anything we've seen for a very long time so some of these -- -- surfers just deciding to use -- announced today and we saw from your story that's some little folks are cashing in on this deal that we -- of -- -- the traffic there -- other businesses. In the community that are cashing in on the rush evokes. Well absolutely I mean -- -- where thousands of people yesterday here in new port beach in the number will likely be just as high today and tomorrow. The wedges kind of city an eight residential area parking -- a problem traffic is a problem. A lot of these folks were out here with me at about 5 o'clock this morning just so they can stake out a spot on the sand. And get a good look at these -- thank you so much -- at -- live from Newport Beach. And now let's turn to. AccuWeather and Andrew -- -- standing by with the latest on not only that California storm but also another. On the East Coast give us the latest. -- thank you very much all across the west of course as we just solve very dangerous conditions. They're going to continue to improve as we head through Thursday and -- -- Friday night recommend using extreme caution through the rest of today and into especially Friday morning but all this because -- tropical storm Marie and she's continue to push well off to the west and weakening. As -- she does so but still throughout the rest of today the highest risk into the beaches of Southern California especially around Los Angeles and San Diego will be the rip tides. Now the waves are going to continue to gradually. Become smaller sort of diminish a little bit but that's not a sign that the dangers over quite yet even though the waves are starting to diminish. The rip currents will continue through the rest of today and into early tomorrow but thankfully be -- calmed down just in time for the weekend's the weekend itself looking a little bit better of course heed any warnings that lifeguards are posting. Now as you mentioned we still have threats across the east here's hurricane crystal ball continue to push up toward the north and east right around 540 miles. The south southwest of Halifax in Canada up as where the center of circulation is located we sort of lucked out. In terms of the rain and wind here went right between the eastern seaboard the United States and Bermuda continuing that north easterly track so even the lord Acton with the rain and wind. Still a big concern we seen deadly this turned deadly because of the waves and the rough surf at the beaches now it's continuing to push off to the north and east. Being blocked by this cool front that came -- across -- northeast anyone across northeast can feel how. Really -- to date is little cooler less humid but all around comparable and I know a lot of folks are trying to start the weekend early heading -- to the -- what you -- -- use extreme caution. Through today all the way down through -- Carolina beaches -- Virginia Beach southward. The risk it's going to start to diminish through this afternoon into this evening and -- think -- shape up by Friday so that's the good news here but. From the Delmarva peninsula northward through the New England beaches that. And impact will continue to be felt through Friday into early Saturday the fourth -- sort of calmed down a little -- that's a good news in time for the weekend but anyone the beaches the next 48 hours. We'll need to use extreme caution if you want to head out into the water. -- good advice on this holiday weekend Andrew bag Levy watching both storms on both -- thanks so much. And you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news that and star in this story. For those exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25164625,"title":"Another Day of Huge Waves Along the California Coast","duration":"7:19","description":"Tropical Storm Marie has produced waves up to 20 feet tall.","url":"/US/video/huge-waves-california-coast-25164625","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}