Humanitarian crisis at the border escalates amid 'appalling' detention conditions

Austin Savage discusses his experience of trying to donate supplies to a border facility.
4:00 | 06/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Humanitarian crisis at the border escalates amid 'appalling' detention conditions
Some. Good samaritans have been trying to of these facilities was a mention we soared to cover of the Texas Tribune. From earlier this morning I want to bring in one of those marriages name is Austin savage he would try to get into that facility silly people are talking about down in Texas he joins us now. Austin thanks for taking a moment to speak with us I appreciate it give me a sense Austin. Eight why did you want to go to one of these facilities and what supplies were you trying to break. Tom yeah no problem piece I have been me home. That action was just simply it's just a response to what's the current you know. It's a reactive act and you know we would. We were reading about these news stories. The conditions at these these children mean their childhood. That these children worked were put in and you know it. The idea that would that we couldn't provide for them just obviously made no sense so. We we took diapers and baby wipes and just toiletries basic necessities. Our own so that the excuse. That the supplies were not available you know couldn't resist armed unfortunately when we arrived they entire facility. Com and as Jim mentioned was pretty much on lockdown arm there's no responses there is. Help line apparently years from assistants all fine. That you could call but no one answers on that. And and pretty much we were outside where's. On the supplies and the only activity winners. A gate opening and closing in vehicles moving in and out. A home there were some agents in the cars who did cius mom. You know and but they refused to acknowledge as we try to get there it tension coming even just asks simple questions but there has. No desire to interact with bus trip. And an Austin I I know you spoke to our producer Victoria before joining us and and you told her date you it gone dropped this flies off. And then gone back to see what happen in noticed everything was still there are. Well. Interestingly enough when we arrived there was a small. Bag that had been elapsed Harlem. Before us you know and there is a little note there and you know and we. We were unsure it would win. We were there and obviously we're getting no response and we were unsure as as to what to do. Our home whether we could leave them there and they would be passed on so we actually pack things up it went back the next day. Com and stand. When we showed back up we want Sunday initially we went back yesterday and we showed back up yesterday we had the exact same. The exact same scenario played out the facility is on lockdown on we'll talk and you. Arm and some of the supplies. Were still there some had vanished overnight I'm not sure what happened to those our home but as our our our contribution. Com. We we actually just decided we wanted to nature even if we couldn't get them directly to CPP that day they would go to drew actually to couldn't. Arm to a nearby shelter concerned will it. Well we we actually we actually asked the CB to comment on now arm what you did did down in Texas they told us quote we're using operational funding. To provide those things but those things are available now and they have been continuously they go on to tell us we are looking at the possibility of using some of those those nations going forward but those item it's important to know are now available that's a statement. From customs and Border Patrol to ABC this afternoon Austin. Thank you for joining us and you know it's and I I do hope that. Some of the supplies you and your friends donated were able to get to someone that needed them. Thank you hear how touched the colts. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Austin Savage discusses his experience of trying to donate supplies to a border facility.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63943785","title":"Humanitarian crisis at the border escalates amid 'appalling' detention conditions ","url":"/US/video/humanitarian-crisis-border-escalates-amid-appalling-detention-conditions-63943785"}