Humanitarian crisis along the border

Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Porvaznik said 87 percent of people who are apprehended are families and unaccompanied children.
3:49 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Humanitarian crisis along the border
This is not governed with ABC news live on in stand the Wii in Arizona and a just few minutes ago. Border Patrol here. Apprehended. About twenty migrants and asylum seekers. Seven say they are from. Guatemala some from El Salvador he can see there's a father. With his little daughter down there her name is actually now this is a very interesting part of the border because of camera come with mean she just beyond this Border Patrol vehicle and that camera system up there. That stand of trees over there is the Colorado River on the can pretty much walk across it and everything on this side of the border is the United States and what Border Patrol tells us is that. The major hurdle the major challenge they have right now. Is not necessarily narcotics its asylum seekers coming here and the numbers have grown exponentially. Families. Adults with children sometimes sibling. Sometimes sibling sometimes unaccompanied minors are here in unprecedented numbers so over the past three fiscal years at least the numbers of asylum seekers. In this sector has risen. Two fold each year it's doubled in 2017. And 2018 outs when he nineteen is on track to double yet against the numbers here are astronomical and most of these people are not running away from Border Patrol agents are actually surrendering to them all these people basically came across. There was no fly eight there was no real chased they came to actually be apprehended by the Border Patrol and that's because. If you arrive in the US as a family member with a child. Under eighteen then you have to be released according to US courts within twenty days that means that. That father with his daughter right there he hopes to go to Denver to meet. Her grandmother until he should be there within a matter of weeks and that is why we are told that so many. Migrants and asylum seekers are trying to cross right now and to some degree to being exploited by smugglers were telling him to go. In specific routes this one is a very easy one all you have to do was cross the border but there are other places where yet to god there go over. A border wall barrier like this or beneath it. Until places they're actually lifting of barbed wire in the river and some merging children to go through it and who we've seen some of this video it's incredibly harrowing. And dangerous so there is a safety concern for those who are crossing but also the major concern. For Customs and Border Protection is. Housing them where do you put. I guess and in 2018 it was 24000. Migrants in families in this area and it's gonna. It's on pasted be around 50000 it this year so. The question is where he house and how do you feed in the medical care and all of them have to be divided once they are in custody. And these facilities that they have. Our geared for single adult males not families and so we saw one of these senators today. And it's pretty grim inside it is a very difficult situation there is a child with chicken pox was isolated in one room. Mothers with daughters in one room. Mothers and children than males would daughters males with sons. Border protection says that if it got an immediate. Cash infusion right now it would fund it would send it to fund. These humanitarian needs first before pretty much anything else even before. Doing it for structural changes on the barrier here. So this is a problem at least in this sector but really across the entirety of the 2000 mile long border between US and Mexico. That is only increasing and there is really no good solution certainly no immediate solution for in these folks in sight. Again that govern with ABC news live here outside San that we. Arizona.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Porvaznik said 87 percent of people who are apprehended are families and unaccompanied children.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60470521","title":"Humanitarian crisis along the border ","url":"/US/video/humanitarian-crisis-border-wall-60470521"}