Hundreds of Officers on Hunt for Alleged Cop Killer

Search continues for Christopher Dorner after three shooting deaths.
14:32 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Hundreds of Officers on Hunt for Alleged Cop Killer
This is the special report. From ABC news now. Good afternoon everyone I'm -- ribeiro a New York hundreds of police officers are fanning out throughout Southern California -- As they step up the manhunt for suspected cop killer Christopher -- ABC's brandy hit has the latest. Going door to door the manhunt for accused cop killer Christopher donor continues in the snowy mountains east of Los Angeles. We searched all night. We district -- -- not discover any additional evidence and we certainly did not locate him. The former LA officers burned out truck was found nearby Thursday. After police say he went on a deadly shooting Rampage through out Southern California targeting officers and their families in revenge killings. I believe -- gun control but I'm sort of scared -- -- have -- families in big bear are on edge and schools remain closed. -- -- former elementary school in Norwalk is also closed because it was listed in his alleged angry online manifesto. Where donor claims he was wrongly fired by the LAPD in 2008 for reporting abuses. Bill Bratton was the commissioner at the time. I really have no recollection of his particular case he would have been and fight it behind me and then in that I was chief of police at that time. Police believe the expert marksman is heavily armed and officers throughout the region are still on high alert of course he knows what he's doing we -- He was also a member of the armed forces donor calls the LAPD corrupt and racist. And he even sent a package to CNN's Anderson Cooper last week trying to clear his name he wanted to be part of some -- He -- again but even -- orders ex girlfriend Arianna Williams is now scared for her life. I don't see like a peaceful resolve her peaceful ending in the situation just because he's. -- -- -- -- Investigators say donor could be anywhere at this point with their search now stretching to Nevada Arizona and northern Mexico. Brandy hit ABC news Los Angeles. And ABC news correspondent Cecilia Vega joins us now as we await the latest news brief. -- from the San Bernardino sheriff's department -- it thanks for joining us tell us this began as an -- man -- but now we're seeing pictures of cops in the mountains in the snow. Where -- -- last seen. -- this is this is that big bear mountain about two hours east of San Francisco -- aunt -- of Los Angeles excuse me and it is hold their right now I just checked and checked the weather couple minutes ago 23. Degrees we are far away from the sunny streets of San Diego and Los Angeles. Look this is really where the search is right now and here's the difficulty that they're chasing it's not just. But whether it's the -- rain that it's it's tough to get on and off -- this mountain. It's snowing so much that helicopters were hearing have been grounded in the area. This is making on the search particularly difficult thing in finding tracks they've been they've seen tracks near where this. This truck was found and and the roads are frozen over right now -- got deputies going door to door house to house in cabins up there. In this really cold weather. And so far no sign of Christopher Horner can you bring us up to date on what brought the cops there are adored her as -- burned out truck and now I understand that they think maybe it was a Ruth. -- don't know yet it's too early to tell that's where the truck was found. I think what they're doing at this point is piecing together the -- table you know the truck was found there in the morning. He was last seen in the in and Southern California at Riverside County area around 1:45 AM so -- did he have that much time to get away. This is where the focus is right now -- one following is true this trail. Going through this truck and seeing what evidence if -- they can find in a burned out vehicle. And and trying to figure out what the timetable is if he had that much lead time. That's that's going to be really tough for them absolutely and we understand that school in the area has been closed today are there. Any other public safety measures that are taking place. Boy you know this really is right now a community on and on and we're not just talking about big bear mountain we're talking about the Southern California region in general. Schools in the area are closed -- -- the school. We're -- attended as a child is also closed because it was mentioned in his manifesto he he said this is an area this is a school where he was bullied. This is how far this -- stretches of just a few minutes ago here in Los Angeles the main jail was on lockdown for a while that has since been lifted. So many reports of false sightings have come about cents all of this came as -- all -- began yesterday. So far no sightings have torn -- anywhere absent any of this happened. Nonetheless it really speaks to. The fear that's in this community we're still seeing police officer stationed outside of police departments all around Los Angeles just a few hours ago we were seeing police officers outside of the station in Hollywood so it's Hosea tells you. How on edge everybody isn't and really at this manhunt still is under way in shall horse shore and who exactly is doing the searching out these aren't just city cops and the sheriff's department is getting larger. Rate and bigger mountain time is a pretty. Far removed areas -- -- about two hours east Los Angeles so those are sheriff's deputies that there. But as you said it's not to sheriff's deputies anymore it's not just LAPD that's -- directly impacted by this nor is it just Riverside police department near saint. Federal officials from a multitude of agencies from the ATF to the FBI all the way to the Border Patrol. Involved in this manhunt that really we're told. Federal officials working federal agents working alongside local police particularly. Out there where this search is focused right now in in the big bear area and we also heard. Brandy hit -- say in -- report just before ours. That this is a search that is now got really all over the western region. Police officers all over -- Southern California on high alert but now in in Denver in in New Mexico and certainly. You can imagine along the border is well because we did hear this report. Yesterday that -- or attempted to steal -- and San Diego and told. The boat's owner that he was headed to Mexico so there's a focused they're now. All over Southern California and now across state lines to act -- Norman -- this news conference in that big bear mountain I think start. Right right right now sheriff John McMahon let's listen in. Well actually we're working on audio so -- that'll be just -- a few more minutes. It really does speak to just at the terror of the widespread terror that this -- -- is creating. -- not having an idea of where he might he seems to imply you know it could be anywhere mean anywhere like he's at in the western state and I now. I take a look at I think if we can see the footage of the press covered to work recording your soon hopefully I'll put my heart that snow is falling I'm just looking at the site here on a monitor. -- How can we -- now I believe we now adolescent body. -- I'm jail penalty mayor of the city of big bear lake and on behalf of the city -- like to walk to -- more about community. I apologize for the weather but in big -- we -- -- -- beautiful winter morning. -- -- start by thanking all of the members of the law enforcement community for the taking. Time out of their busy lives to be with us here -- big -- I want everyone to know -- -- making a big difference. Residents of our community feel very safe knowing that -- here we obviously a very substantial law enforcement presence thank you very much for being. The question of the Nelson most often is is -- panic in our community -- in big bear because of the situation. You know there's no. We're very hardy residents here at -- you know mountains -- many of the people here armed. My fears actually not -- panic would ensue but more than someone up here -- he's open to the law into their own hands. I want you -- urge anyone missing something just for me vigilant almighty 11 reported to work force -- -- -- let them deal with the -- of an awful lot. About the decision to open the ski resorts today I want everyone to know that decision was made in close conjunction with the law enforcement community -- We've been assured. Suspect not pose a substantial threat to the ski resorts or the surrounding community about what is you resort to open. If the situation changes obviously we'll reassess their decision. So thank you very much enjoy your partner Victor. In addition to -- mayor we have council member bill -- here with us as well. We are continuing their search our plan is to continue to do that throughout the day and throughout the weekend should we need -- We discover any information that gives us any idea that he is -- no longer here. Or were able to capture him that things will change and we'll get back to you election now. The vehicle I talked about earlier. It's in our possession in December and again outward turning over the all the evidence and the vehicle for the Irvine police department -- -- did -- -- I do not end. I know you. Sure it's still -- -- but our folks are dressed correctly and we have the right equipment to get to the surgery is that we need. Certainly be a little bit slower to get to each individual area on foot because of the weather but we'll continue to push forward what are you looking for what kind of -- Possibly see in these actions that you can't see tracks running like that. We could see traction this chronic condition snow is great for trucking folks as well as looking at each individual cabinets if there's any signs of forced entry. Yesterday. We continue to follow the -- as I said earlier. Yesterday when we found -- leading away from the vehicle we followed him throughout the mountains on two different forestry roads and tell we lost sight of them. Share your. Some reasonable some information that would suggest that he's no longer in this area. This year what happens life. I cannot tell you what we found in the truck at this point we're gonna release everything that -- and any evidence to the Irvine police department. And they will be the ones or release any information in regards to that is. Desert area someone disappear easily. From that area. We'll certainly there's there's over 200 cabins that are up in those mountains that are abandon. Or vacant and we're checking notes one violent by the Forest -- happens Earth Day vacation. Some -- Doctor about resources and personnel apparently -- the album -- now box and got the bedroom. We have over a hundred people here again today. We're staffed up and -- -- -- our operational periods we're gonna continue that staffing level throughout the weekend. We'll reassess as we get closer to that first of next week. I'm very dark about the snow -- in the vehicles were using to get around. We're not having any trouble at all getting to the places we need to search if you are they're -- how can you be sure that he doesn't pose a substantial threat to ski resorts. We've searched the entire area around the ski resort -- swat officers are up on that -- looking for -- -- but there's no information to suggest he's anywhere near this DS ski resort itself. I would also searched all the houses door to door -- -- -- -- Certainly there Dodgers welcome. I have no idea. -- that means -- Can't tell you can't tell you -- -- All right we just heard a live press conference with sheriff John McMahon of the San Bernardino county sheriff's department -- McMahon did not have any new information to -- with -- Cecilia Vega is still with us. -- -- any that -- surprise you mean the fact that the ski resort. Is still open. Interesting I'm day but but -- -- is to -- the sheriff says that they're making progress and at what we're out there what we are watching these deputies covered in snow. Thinking this has got to be huge challenge for them. Actually the sheriff of saint but the snow is really helping us in some ways if there tracks for us to find we'll see them out here in conditions like this with recovered -- in snow so. The -- still on the hunt out there they they are looking for as the sheriff said tracks in the snow -- cabins that shows signs of forced entry. -- a city still have a hundred. -- deputies out on that mountain right now even in those conditions on. Interesting to hear the share -- talk about how hardy the residents are big bear mountain saying that no one is feeling panicked. Sheriff said that many of those residents themselves are armed and ready if they feel suspicious or -- anything that makes them uncomfortable they're sort of seems to be -- a safety net -- for them in some way the warning for residents and anyone in Southern California still continues to be if you see anything suspicious. Anything that leads you to believe you may be seeing any signs of Christopher donor to call authorities call 911. Do not approach this individual he is still believed to be very dangerous. That there's no information get to suggest that he's anywhere near these ski resorts about slight -- opened. On big bear mountain now the school however Tanya still remain to be still remain closed another thing that struck me it is really quickly he says. The question was asked how Long Will the search don't want to search is going to go on until. They find Christopher door on that mountain or some reasonable evidence the deputies say to believe that he is no longer on -- mountain so -- for today they're still out there. And we just got -- -- coming over and our internal emails and police are starting a search warrant at the La Palma home of Christopher -- so who knows what. What they're looking for there with only thing that -- options are shrinking with each passing minute as the story continues to get such intense coverage. Yes it really wouldn't it's no surprise that authorities are focused on that house in my -- -- that house along with this truck that's burned down is are really seem to be key pieces of evidence at this point that they've got. And and authorities sent in this press conference today that they are not they're not gonna let us they're not gonna tell us what -- found if anything inside that truck -- That's been burned out so -- still a lot of questions out. There. And -- a lot of eyes on this case.

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{"id":18443804,"title":"Hundreds of Officers on Hunt for Alleged Cop Killer","duration":"14:32","description":"Search continues for Christopher Dorner after three shooting deaths. ","url":"/US/video/hundreds-officers-hunt-alleged-cop-killer-18443804","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}