Hurricane Dorian scrapes the Carolina coastline

The storm lashed the Southeast with massive waves and torrential downpours.
1:49 | 09/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Dorian scrapes the Carolina coastline
A Morgan Norwood and Wilmington reporting for ABC news live as you can see hurricane Torre in really making. Its presence known as it continues to dance along the Carolina coast line tonight the state is hunkering down as conditions worsened by the minute. Hurricane Gloria battering the Carolina coast throughout the day Thursday for the area in the middle of the night at third pick up the shutters bank and trust in his relatively hard streets their blood. Stay off the street. A very big. Mystery crashing onto a bed of a seven year old bowl. We were sleeping downstairs. And has for cash and for this trees and thousands now without power after trees came down on power line water spout spotted off the coast of North Carolina usually. The powerful winds hit in deciding office apartment complex. And all of a sudden the windows broke through news. Everything was swirling in our bedroom from Dorian spawning numerous tornado one destroying his mobile home park. But what surprised me the most was how quickly. It was over in England I mean it was a deafening to waste this entire neighborhood flooded for the most ardent Orleans there in Florida. But the Bahamas now facing a long road to recovery. And in the number of friends were already dead from the friends who. Gone I John down on the matier they've that is still Odyssey on which you've been accumulating and there's an apple yes just completely washed away. With so many missing across the Bahamas the fear now is that the death told could grow much higher as you can see Howard Dean Delorean just battering the coastline right now with this pet -- win. That we dean of the storm will continue to travel farther north. In fact New York City beaches have already announced closings for both Friday and Saturday and anticipation of heavy and reps are. I'm Morgan or quit reporting in Wilmington you're watching ABC news fly.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"The storm lashed the Southeast with massive waves and torrential downpours.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65421962","title":"Hurricane Dorian scrapes the Carolina coastline","url":"/US/video/hurricane-dorian-scrapes-carolina-coastline-65421962"}