Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina

Storm's wind gusts exceed 90 MPH.
13:33 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence makes landfall in North Carolina
Just to recap for you we are monitoring hurricane Florence as it makes its way into that Carolina as we know it's a category one storm with wind gusts up to ninety miles per hour want to go live now to Jacksonville, North Carolina where we have our picture of -- standing by. Victor I know you're bouncing between us and between Good Morning America but it's really quickly give us an update from where you are. Burial build wind and the rain has just been relentless all night long it's really certain to pick up. This morning we could hear the Rangers pounding against the glass the windows here at our hotel we lost our very early on last night. And now those wind gusty just meant to them right around ninety miles per hour and we're pretty far in link here in Jacksonville about twenty miles away from the coast. Imagine what they are feeling. Over there. A couple of these trees right here behind me in Jacksonville they've actually some of them. Gone down part by in this parking lot we've checked in with emergency officials they tell us. That a lot of the streets out here are flooded and power lines are down and there is major structural damage to homes and businesses. They tell us that some seventy people including an infant and pats had to be rescued. From a nearby hotel some of those guests reported basketball sized holes in some of their rooms they had to get those people despite these conditions. They pull them all out. Got them to safety you can imagine how tough that job is right now for these first responders trying to help people stop. Eighties really brutal conditions out here. Again as I mentioned we about twenty miles inland here in Jacksonville but further along down the coast the major concern right now if that storm surge at last check. Topping six feet in some areas aerial. Victor you mention that structural damage to the hotel and other facilities a high school. Can you just describe is that damage from flooding that you're seeing so far is it from this powerful wind gusts we see standing right now. So that high school is just about three and a half miles away from where we are right now it just. We haven't got a chance to get over there yet but by taking a look at it looks like water was able to come into every angle that looks like some serious flood damage but. You know these wings have been very strong has also would be surprised at that had submitted do with that. Last night as we're driving around. We saw a number of transformers exploding those sparks flying in the air. Gas station canopy is the roofs just ripped right off. Hurricane Florence. Really you don't start a feel it now. I definitely making an impact pick up and it we appreciate it live from Jacksonville we'll check in with you in just the bad. And we want to go now to chief meteorologist ginger Z you heard Victor talking about those power flashes we I know of some of the impacts already being felt ginger. Here in the middle of it. I'm telling you now we at their past that I think that that they've been here and that the 1960s. Ads ran. And asked Lloyd I. Now we did not the only issue I mean beat street here at very High Court in Wilmington and the street filled with water at the nine. Flying across the road here and that that that Eric ending on board started acting up. From the end of it so we're really in the heart of this storm again the wall it's always. Violent art and we are feeling and that Aaron looming and as as rob that keep happening at the high. They're still happy hour long about the problem. Importantly it but. Nothing like that. We're at it yes. Aren't cut out let we're element. Their chief meteorologist in Jersey and I'm glad they're taking their precautions out there and I we know our crews are expert out there and they're taking every precaution they need to but. We want to hear now from it and he's meet New Bern mayor. The Newburgh mayor who just spoke with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America he's talking about flooding that's RD occurring in that area. At more than a hundred people at last check needed to be rescued let's listen. Even hearing about the desperate situation in new ground want to go now to one couple trapped in the flooding Mary Jane Sherry Shriver. And joining us by phone and intelligence Jay exactly where you are right now I know you in your Condo on the second floor. We are that he felt don't talk don't look the DoubleTree hotel. Facing the truth river watching your life. And how high is it. Yeah I would I would say it probably won't lead off. From normal and even if this storm were to stop right now it would still take almost two weeks for all that water victory now. Last says so is so what are you seeing from your windows at this moment. All the water and who will look possible. All the debris out there I'm happy saying it shouldn't be. This quote you buildings. Always has the catamaran to all they all of stretching their books. Were you expecting it to be this bad. We we know would be we have a lot of loans from former South Shore and the four thought what we were decided to leave. But where were out we can't force stories. It all building we can go up higher. Through. And the problem getting bock. After all this walked Bob the Google on you saw how. And again on the outlying areas where the Walton stage even longer so Detroit won't. You'll feel we have not be able to get back or try to come back and get help why don't we yes. Sosa really try to right at the whole storms there in your Condo right now are some wondering in touch with authorities are coming. Trying to find a way out. Right now we are planted on and we this was refrigerator ads can be. We also are awful lot of problems and batteries. All we've got. Good people here in the building awful it's stayed with us. Will you sound calm we hope your okay we're glad you've got the supplies there and we know. It's a tough situation right now good luck over these next several hours. That was ABC's George Stephanopoulos speaking with mayor of New Bern, North Carolina. At town that it just been inundated by. Flash flooding back floodwaters coming in from this hurricane now a category one hurricane Florence. Bearing down on the Carolinas want to check in with ABC's meteorologist Nile grits and and now you've been tracking this storm we heard that update earlier from National Hurricane Center. What are the major concerns as of now. Yet the weird attack in this thing all night and it is now it's just off the coast. Five miles east of Wilmington is just going to make up all at any money you're EUR Iowa all there are eyes in and bright near Wilmington just ignored rate year each are getting Jack hammered with ninety mile per hour plus we got even got up to a hundred miles per hour possible. We're already seeing that and put storm surge in some ot. Ray from me inches per hour though we have the rainfall rates at. Re into per hour and a storm that isn't who think this is our concern that this where he get those on peak of forty inch rainfall portals that this that the biggest issue with this storm as it is moving so slowly is going to just kind of stall here optic. Before or after landfall and where he getting hit with a really really heavy rain it stream winds that are ready causing power outages. Over 350000. People it's going to continue at the scene areas. Berm for our on and we're watching it all day long up. You know your hot foot of rain in parts of North Carolina Atlantic each reporting a putter range. And this is just beginning to that this is something we're going to continue to watch it again it's well most of it is my main concern here. He had only six miles per hour I think he said now that this is moving it's a slow creep in it almost seems counterproductive if you're not familiar with hurricanes at the slower it goes the more dangerous and actually is. But that doesn't mean that those wind speeds aren't are are decreasing in any way shape or form but there are also concerns about tornadoes that could pop up from this as well. That's right we actually have a tornado watch in effect right now I want to preach that graphic Q here's the track of collected. Take a look that could tell just how little ornament. Saturday he lay and that you know another eighteen to twenty hours of play and we're barely being we're still there will intent so that's. Out of within eight on perspective just how little to Jordan but they're that tornado lots of it yet we have. So many different and parent between the rain a flooding. Storm surge the wind not top of the night powering got. He'd likely tornadoes in need and to me across eastern North Carolina. It heeded the Durbin got to looking at just over a hundred miles per hour. ONEOK by import meat on 97 miles per hour he looked out. At 91 mile per hour on got in Wilmington, North Carolina. I'm Elliott that's just work but we're going to be seeing over the next 24 hours yourself you can. Kind of moving it later right down the coast and that and that seal hurricane force winds 74 mile per hour plot. But we're going to continue to heat that as our people aren't at a continue to meander along the north and South Carolina coast. Rate in this Saturday morning. And now we know IT meteorologist ginger Z we saw her amazing images out there and even ginger is this season storm chaser book tornadoes and hurricanes and if she she was amazed by what she was seeing that those power surges the flashes. A green she was talking about in the air this is not the time to let your guard down in any way shape or form even if you are in the eye wall of this storm. You mention that this is going to be persisting for some time what's your word to those who are in the area when might they see a reprieve from all that rain. Yes don't think her right now I mean that acting you can view is de Collette or where ever you are your feet in shelter. Did they put her right now because this thing could go on. For a few more hours right into the night I think. I for North Carolina by Saturday morning it's going to be shifting more toward South Carolina this Saturday morning. We need is still 24 hours away we could be looking at some whatever treat for parts of North Carolina but we're still going to be talking about app flooding. Rivers are rising and are going to continue to ride him and that rain stopped. That might begin there with the lasting brigade that was really pumping a watch elected your officials with your local news really when you can. Get out of your they think I'd see what's going on because we're that it. Its meters situation. Now the Mel Griffin thank you so much for monitoring this dangerous storm we appreciate it we're going to be checking in with you as you can imagine throughout the day we. We really appreciate your expertise and we want to go now to David Muir who is standing by in Wilmington and I believe David is in the eye wall of this storm. And has been hammered by David. This is a really dire situation right now we know that be the eye of hurricane Florence is about to make. Bat ball and white's bill needs that's due east of where we're standing right here that I its ballistic. Pass right over us here in Wilmington what we're experiencing what you're seeing right now he's. Mean we've been rain. This is part of the eye wall. We normally see this in a hurricane when you happen to be the area when I comes over you the beginning I won't read some of the most ferocious winds. Infected just reported and not one mile per hour wind gusts of the Wilmington international airport not far from. Where we are right here we know that that's already higher. And what they saw. It ran back in the late nineties. And we know what damage did of those hurricanes is that this gusts as higher than what they saw in those two hurricanes that brought significant destruction in this region. So what we expect next. And it's an incredible phenomenon new experience. Is that the I helpful pump over us and we'll have a moment of home and perhaps we'll be able to come back to you live when that happens. And what you get is the other part of the eye wall that comes right afterwards when another ferocious punch wouldn't stories are most concerned about right now is that people. Those who did stay behind that they stay indoors that they hunkered down and that they recognize. It's gonna take some time for emergency authorities to get anyone needs help. And I know you've been reporting on the scene in do were North Carolina that is north of here and that is a very serious situation. About 200 people rescued already another 150 wore out waiting for help we didn't know that people. With the private boats have Al join it in that effort to try to get to families who had to move upstairs second. Lower it in some cases we have reports of people on their rooftops we have seen is that hurricanes in the past. Ginger had been reporting days now about the danger of the storm surge and you know right in that area it's that spring river and the news river that come together in that area. It dissident the water coming. All those barrier islands and coming in and you've gotten through rivers one of them already over. Up with great at that extremely dangerous situation in new Burnett will continue to follow here. World news tonight anchor David and are right in the thick of it in Wilmington I do want to update you now hurricane Florence has made landfall we're hearing from our meteorologist in rights Bill Beach North Carolina. It is now a category one storm. And you heard from Melissa Griffin are our meteorologist that this sustained wind gusts have been up to. 92. Miles per hour we know that this storm is about five miles from Wilmington just worries David you're standing.

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