Hurricane Harvey, debt ceiling hot topics in the White House briefing room

ABC News' political team breaks down the daily White House press briefing as Hurricane Harvey approaches.
17:30 | 08/25/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Harvey, debt ceiling hot topics in the White House briefing room
Hi there are welcome to the ABC news briefing room you just heard in the range of federal officials including Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Three on the preparations for different hurricane hardened which is up barreling down about it posted Texas. Rick that among among the other headlines along with us officials are Pennsylvania Avenue team. After all the quite. For some treatment and it Leggett writes about or not only be. Meteorologist on the road right now we have everything Corpus Christi. And Houston rob what is the latest lot of questions for the White House about how how strong a storm we're expecting what what's the latest forecast elements. It. Eight its forecast category three apple but in baton strikes and much more. The last couple of hours. And and it's. 20. Yeah I. Shortly before. It. Recovery of the verse one states. Well in 2005 when. No no plan moment. One involves hundreds and doesn't. Agree on times. It's a longtime pastor of presidential leadership we heard from the White House via a security about com Boston saying I'm Sally what. The extent that federal preparations. How ready are authority's federal state local level. Racing for this war. Pretty good job he's. Been a typically. These things they make people res. Now in scale storm. Supplies and resources that are readily available at launch in quickly. So we're we are. But a global level government weather and part regular. Consistently beating up your report by the way. And I. He'll armory. Martin coverage. The weekend. Lloyd oh lord it's a massive weather event let's start there guys all the time. And soon to Dave by the White House and expressed the president's readiness and I think is one worker ever for some time guys it's it's right up president comes out. It definitely. I get the sense that trump is keenly aware of the political traps that he could fall into with the disaster response. And perhaps political wins I think he's seeing this as he's approaching does this look I can I can go down with a single I can I can come out on top and see that that video you can add on Twitter yesterday I mean where is showing him at that FEMA headquarters you know set to music he wants to show eagerly prepare for this. This has been all over cable news people worrying about how. Who could forget Katrina and the way. What they did to bush truck is is ready politically I think this and I think that he is. My guess is months and making sure that responds. Perhaps thirty politically but I think if you. This is is park's natural disaster rate is his response that it is a huge tested these as commander in just a huge Condit. Al. It. And yeah. Everything here. On their strategic. Enemy on the island and they come back and he thinks it. That he is preparing a visit for next week that's seen and it's too late at this season here and there is strategically. With members of his Ian and I think. He doesn't happen with them. And the tree right now this is this massive storm. Is on here in the package. If he treatment. Remember Obama and deep water horizon that lasted up to read month and picture that was that's an extraordinary day at the bottom of the ocean in the gulf. Watching oil spill and for three month. He got hammered every day on. And you know that was. It's awful and I think it was important the White House stressing that this is not a trip. The presidential pick you up for Camp David just a couple of minutes now an but that there's endlessly for five minutes up wrote I've made that drive that's really hard to do what about minutes but yeah fine. But but trying to say that everything is going to be all the resources and support. And you I'm struck by house that we didn't hear from the president before he's leaving for Camp David yeah it's not easy to to make a statement from Camp David he may say something. It later I am struck that we're not hearing from the point that they're deferring to the governor. So Jon Karl joining us now John wanted to ask you about the question that you put to the White House meeting get a follow up because are standards that she's trying to go a little too quickly for that but this question of Gary don't. And a stunning comments that suggested the White House that is that it wasn't even a surprise that the by that time. Oh we're gonna get we're gonna get ready get John back on of the moment but let's talk about the art on story because. That interview that he gave to the Financial Times he's suggesting. All they know are reporting now that he. He's over his most of these are. I think we do we have John back John generous again. Wait Sosa originated here in the asset only needed to dozens of all you. Do that just just in case you want something on the go editor of Smart. It was brilliant let me just inadequate that it does get that for the record oh what I'm saying is they've. You use at asked is it true that that Jerry Jones comments did not come as a surprise here at the White House. Well they certainly came a surprise to media have never seen. Interview like that where they senior White House official. Being so blunt in criticizing his boss. In in such power firms and acknowledging that he felt as pressure to resign because of what the president did and did not say. But what. What senator Sanders that specifically is that. Code has been handed apparently behind closed doors it certainly hasn't ban publicly. What happened very candid in expressing his views and therefore. What you know what he said would have come as much of a surprise she also. Attempted to save it. That 95% of the interview was about tax reform while that may be true. But that 5% sure. Usher song but you're. As I asked her to respond. To Gerry and I also. Believe he would be if that is the central question in all of what was said about Charlottesville. The comment from the president that I believe. Needs clarification it still has not been clarified anyway is what did the president mean. When he said there were very fine people. Buying people very fine people on both sides. Of the of the protests and volatile weeks. That they were the very funny people. Yeah yeah okay so she said she was running out of time. I'll by the way the noise behind this is Marine One the president is is heading out right now to to Camp David. It's a job on on here why didn't he just resign and amusingly sort of having it both ways here he. Says publicly he he he didn't like the comments. And that he even we are we learning drafted a resignation letter so. Here is the adding about. Laser. We a game that we respect you earlier the other Reza that that the drafted resignation of the language is great thing on that we've confirmed that he. Drafted a resignation letter but apparently never delivered it never gave it to anybody. Reminds me of that old Dunwoody blues song nights in white satin you know letters I've written never meaning this and there's really mean much if you don't send a letter. Com. So you know I'd I'd I don't know I think bits as you know there was intense. Market interest in what came in Cone's position. I think that there's a feeling blue and of course is the former head of Goldman Sachs is very attuned to such things that there was a feeling that if Gary Cohn. I quit and left the White House by the way out. Well yeah let's just apps that. All right thank you rumored money and and that is not to take a driving. So I guess what. But but there were certainly fear. The markets that if Gary Cohn I quit dates that the wheels would be completely off. And it would have market we've repercussions. I think that is certainly one of things that he was talking about in saying that he's felt preferable. To leave and pressure it's that. So John speaking of construction vehicles there's news today about ceilings as well as walls. Let's talk about the debt ceiling and its relation to the border while we heard from from. Secretary treasury division today there's a 100%. Confidence that he had that feeling will be raised that's quite. What the president's position is that he says there has to be funding for the wall as part of a budget deal or even potentially a department that's. Clearly an effort to reassure the markets you saw the front page of the Wall Street Journal today wreck they did it death brought. Page the lead story was about fears when the market that it we will have a default on the on the national debt that congress will fail to raise the debt ceiling the president played right into that this morning. What he tweeted that criticism of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell saying that they should've attach the debt ceiling to the VA bill that passed before. Before the congress went on recess and now we have a mess so might follow up question. Two wanted to minutia in. He said it 100% confidence that we're we're gonna pass it's what. What did the president made by saying there's a mask is a 100% confidence that's gonna happen doesn't sound like a mess. Yeah I know it it it certainly doesn't say that they're on the same page clearly there. Different books entirely John I see your cards right behind it and pick up back in that it back way to afford. Good good parking right back. But it's pretty good at. I got so vehicles all right done Karl thanks for joining us right next topic guys and some news today you know overnight in today. About doc about. The hopeful that deferred action the dreamers of the children. Of undocumented immigrants were brought here through no fault of their own protected status. Under Obama's so partner prompt a lot of laws are reporting suggest that they get ready to undo this White House not giving much ground on this today but we think it's happening. White House at US energy thing it's. Continuing to remain under review if that's something that they've been saying for a couple of months now but it was our Corning is indicating that. He hit it it could come as soon as today. That we think they may make a decision on next week in and what we what we're hearing is that. They'll likely ends at in this really coming. You know. From political pressure from the Texas attorney general I'll general and Paxton. Do who has written a letter intent ten other AG's have signed on saying that. You know if there are changes this we're gonna sit here so we're he has forced his hand at forcing his caving to political pressure maybe perhaps from. From these attorneys general and any us September 5 to make this specific. This will be at this will be a big move because he he's seen this kind of simple things on he says he wants that partners policy but we remember what he said during the campaign trail. A lot of pressure from his base and a lot of pressure from the immigration. 800 albums and people. We talking about it did this edition I'm right act in something and and it is patterned on doing what Obama announces an Obama policy he likes. Here's army and a number of things he counselor Cynthia does but this would be a big one moment. Huge debate if he does and of course it matters very much and how he executed so if there's a. Full roll back Norris are grandfathered in my pet stuffed the program going forward perhaps more digest won't but I mean. There is. 100000 of them and the some children are grown now. Talking about sending them call him back is. And what a legal morass that he told underwent president Eva and protect status and so far the other I want to turn back the storm politics as we close out here today that while the white or to remind people. Hurricane Andrew now a lot of a lot of a lot of our viewers they are too young to remember what that into the George W. Bush. Presidency Katrina I think you're right but deep water horizon right in between them. Let's talk like worth huddle up. And now you put you put all Harvey into this mix and this is. I think you're right guys that the president seems to at least what he's saying he's not out there today but it seems that this White House trying to think this is seriously as possible trying to convey. Their preparations. Darn it often do lead the emergency preparedness under. George Bush coming out on it saying he's been acting DHS secretary Pam Hartley two he's talked to. FEMA at least weeded out photos and videos when he visited the M at FEMA. Earlier this not so he. He's proceeding Britain's I. Is on it is staying apprised on and yes that the recipes for everything they we haven't heard from the president Jonathan but he said he wants it. This is the state and local response that's the governor's still remain. That they haven't announced that it really isn't in in the way that its it's such a balancing act here with him on every level of response. Waiting three. I mean. We're off. A lot of the stuff we've heard on it was what it did to bush that we have to wait there. Why is it can define a presidency easily and there's some vulnerabilities here. That we don't have a DHS secretary permanent basis we don't have someone heading the National Hurricane Center we have proposed budget cuts to the weather service these are real political liabilities. Both agree. Or don't accurately all right. Aaron final not like well. Anyway one up on parliament would lose reference I mean that's a pretty that's pretty good but yes let let let's get the final just the official what the yet not as high weighs just do whatever and and there's something in sort of. I sort of had this thing this week about Afghanistan this came up at the break it up yet. So drop us at four times since since July that this is seventeen your war. Let me take this opportunity to tell everyone that it's not a seventeen your war it is it is almost sixteen years okay. I just wanna get that out there there's Sanders. There's really not a and I kind of gets to me if Laurie it is but he has not been seventeen years yet will start it will start its seventeenth year since October just please. Oh well that's that's quite high horse there elect them elect Clinton kernels of at a map notorious. And I had figures for quite it is. Meet surely we got it all right. We're not that an African one that I'm still just fascinated by this diet the response I think I did anyone watching that. All weekend I think it's a huge test of his presidency. And I think we're just going to be watching to see responds yeah that's right that's Billy Graham. I gotta say got. And teaching me it felt like like like a normal presidency and normal White House you'll see never we see a lot of unexpected things but bringing out on the security advisor bringing out. You're you other other administration officials definitely get lately and they're clearly sensitive to perceptions here I don't think we're like that the president golf this weekend. To your point about the visit to Texas that will be highly choreographed very closely watched two presidencies the rail. Government's handling of this and it seems to me like they have learned those lessons Donald Trump the lot of things differently maybe this is when he's trying to do what other president. No wonder they're on it and that's. Gonna get any and and leave no doubt all right thank you that's all we have the time we have for this edition of the briefing room ABC news it's gonna out. Live coverage of everything around hurricane Harvey throughout the night starting with world news with David Muir. Steny through Nightline tonight and early special edition of Good Morning America accurate slash liked it. All the coverage is that things are folks all over it. Thank you for one.

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{"duration":"17:30","description":"ABC News' political team breaks down the daily White House press briefing as Hurricane Harvey approaches.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49424339","title":"Hurricane Harvey, debt ceiling hot topics in the White House briefing room","url":"/US/video/hurricane-harvey-debt-ceiling-hot-topics-white-house-49424339"}