Hurricane Laura expected make landfall as a Category 3 hurricane

Texas and Louisiana prepare for high winds, heavy rain and storm surges up to 11 feet as the storm moves closer to the Gulf Coast.
3:20 | 08/25/20

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Transcript for Hurricane Laura expected make landfall as a Category 3 hurricane
Millions along the Gulf Coast are bracing for Laura which is now officially a hurricane. Mandatory evacuations are underway as people prepare for the storm which is expected to make landfall. As a category three hurricane for more on hurricane Morris track I'm joined by meteorologist Greg do track. Credit looks at this storm is quickly picking up strength it is definitely intensifying fast now it's over the best conditions Ford in the Gulf of Mexico very low shear environment which means of thunderstorms they grow around the core aren't going to be torn apart now expect over the next 24 hours for this to form some kind of ragged eye if not. A full high here in ghosts are feeling impacts along the Gulf Coast within the next 24 hours from this storm. Here it is on the satellite now in this high pressure system that's over Florida. Has definitely pushed the track just a little bit farther off to the west we're just getting a new updated now. Thankfully not changing the intensity of the winds at landfall still and a 115 miles per hour. At about midnight on Wednesday night early Thursday morning onto need be 8 o'clock in the morning to be the latest if this takes a more westerly track. Here's our latest in the house model this has shifted a little BE since the last time we updated. But still this is farther west than the official forecast track and something I expect the official forecast track to change do with seven to eleven feet worth or storm surge. A hundred mile per hour wind gusts and possibly rain up to a foot if you were to put this on the map comparing it to or hurt in first of all if this does make landfall in Texas it's going to be the first major hurricane since Harvey the makes landfall and Louisiana it'll be the first major one to make landfall since Reid and this'll probably had impacts will be similar to read a storm surge warnings up. This is insane at seven to eleven foot storm surged stretching from southwestern Louisiana all the way almost to trinity bay. Outside of Houston Houston not underneath a hurricane warning just yet. But I expect that that may change if this track to ship more east will put those wind gusts in the motion here as this system lifts off to the north and finally does make landfall again late Wednesday night early Thursday morning Port Arthur can be seen sustained winds of a 109 miles per hour back towards Houston Galveston still on the lower end of things but again if this track changes just by fifty a hundred miles over the next couple of days. You could definitely see some major impacts here along with that theory high storms are still going to see some very very heavy rainfall over the Houston area tropical storm watch is in Lynn those hurricane warnings there should take hurricane watch is go all the way now stretching on the other side of Galveston Bay for a room central portions of Louisiana. And then stopping just short of out there near the mouth of the Mississippi River a wide stretching system and that's the biggest difference between Marco in this how much bigger. This hurricane is going to be and also how much more powerful to the spaghetti plots have definitely made a new six shift further off to the west and that is putting most of them over Houston. Again by the next and the National Hurricane Center update I'll bet you that track is shifted a little bit closer to the Houston area and that of course stamp. Is something that we don't wanna see along with these very heavy rainfall totals were read to be accessible foot even these are starting to make. That westerly shift that I was talking about the Diane not ideal I think they Houston Galveston should be on the lookout for a big change their way. And you only have about 24 hours to prepare because then tropical storm force winds will be in. In your time is up you can't do any act or preparation after that now's the time to dig up thanks crack.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Texas and Louisiana prepare for high winds, heavy rain and storm surges up to 11 feet as the storm moves closer to the Gulf Coast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72598558","title":"Hurricane Laura expected make landfall as a Category 3 hurricane ","url":"/US/video/hurricane-laura-expected-make-landfall-category-hurricane-72598558"}