Hurricane Maria hits San Juan, Puerto Rico

ABC News' Victor Oquendo reports.
5:30 | 09/20/17

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Transcript for Hurricane Maria hits San Juan, Puerto Rico
Victor or komando here in San Juan Puerto Rico just being battered right now. By hurricane Maria the winds and the rain have been incredibly strong at this point you can really only see a blocking either direction. Debris already covering the streets here just take a look right outside of our location. You can see glanced down signs down a metal just all over the place. Right there would like to look at it right now a piece of insulation came from a few blocks away we watch it just blow. Right down the street. This area in San Juan were in its pulse gold now though it's a very popular tourist destination there are hotels up and down the block here. A real walk down a little because the wind in the third holding down just a little bit. Everywhere we look there's just debris littered everywhere that looks like. Part of it higher yet this Michelin on the side there's that's the kind of retire. There's a big sheet of plastic underneath that. Right over here this this may have been. Would that was boarding up one of these windows not even sure where this came from. But here's this semester with it will step right over it. But you get him back their protective if you can't you know we're here just take a look at this orange building. Right over there behind me that's what we've been watching all morning long the windows that were shuttered up. They have been completely blown out she can see on the left side there. It was a huge huge windows shattered gone because of hurricane Maria and on the right hand side of the building. Same story those would just came crashing down right below it there's actually guard tower like you and down you'll see it art and life. Kovalev guard tower notwithstanding what we got here this morning now it's not over to the side right there. In not parking lot lot of different so far just in this area alone we imagine. Powers out for many of these places. However the hotel that were staying in. Fortified it's a strong building and that you have a number generators. Yeah actually see inside part of the casino here looks like if god there's generators kicked up because the lights are on. Some of the slot machines here. The big concern for shielding people this area. The storm surge in the wind damage of course always a concern where hurricane passes by but you're Puerto Rico so many the home. We're built to know code at all there are built illegally by people who really couldn't afford to do it otherwise. And those homes in speaking to an engineering professor. A university we're frequently west see that those awards that are most susceptible to damage those that would most at risk. To be swept away by this devastating storm surge that we could be looking at sixth and nine feet up. That's that a lot of the homes here in Puerto Rico. There were built to an older built a building code. Those are meant to withstand winds of 125. Miles per hours ability category. You hurricane real much stronger than that hitting Puerto Rico as a category. For hurricane bottom line. Puerto Rico Eisenstein storm like this since about 1930. Q Maria very powerful throwing around this way. We we are watching this as well. This part of that piece of installation I came down. Theater still a metal wire attached to it. That came again from just a few blocks down we watch the winds picked up with all the way down here now it's wrapped around. This railing here on the sidewalk and there's that metal part. That was. Wrapped around initially you can just see what history looked like it if you harbor which downed trees. And a lot of debris as we get another one of those strong wind gusts the to win just let up all night long by the way. The hotel or rat we're standing right now the beach is on the opposite side and still we're getting stand kicking up its. It's actually covering my jacket it's got its. Unbelievable what these wins are able to do as we come back this way. We should tell you that the security at the hotel it was like door to door telling people we've got to get out your rooms right now. We need you to get. Away from all glass structures get inside this room that we that big enough to hold everyone's shelter or until hurricane Maria this. So they went door to door doing that waking everybody up me getting your body away from all block structures. You have to go through some service hallways and entrances and exits to get there but that's where a lot of people inside the hotel we're staying. Are biting this storm out. So that's what's going on what we've been seeing all morning long here in San applaud as Maria has just been around this area one more thing to show you. This black building right here. That top lawyer concede that window was busted right out and if you can't write down there's that white oval. Well they used to be a really big selling there until about half an hour ago one of those wind gusts came right and and blew it right over there underneath that red awning that Mexican restaurant that rude. Connolly got a seller circle or earned oval shape. That is the sign that came right down. Swept that way. We will be in Seattle on throughout the day it looks like this partners of ours. What we've been seeing as far as the rain in the winds. Not as strong not as powerful as we felt earlier but still we're we're talking about hurricane force winds. There are tropical force winds later on throughout the day leaving your reports. Throughout picture of Indo ABC news San Juan Puerto Rico.

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{"id":49975345,"title":"Hurricane Maria hits San Juan, Puerto Rico ","duration":"5:30","description":"ABC News' Victor Oquendo reports.","url":"/US/video/hurricane-maria-hits-san-juan-puerto-rico-49975345","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}