Hurricane Michael leaves Florida residents stranded

Heavy winds from historic Hurricane Michael tore through every home on Highway 98.
3:37 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Michael leaves Florida residents stranded
So this is the summer house this is where we rode out the storm. The Samantha Palance and very well degrees still filling the streets this this is 98 we're standing on it with sand. I mean as high as a fire hydrant back there board and make the hike out because. There's no other way. Power lines the. Yeah. PM this is this canal was all houses array. Development because all house. I think at the end. Paula how reflected deep pretty confident that we are right here is survived. Everything else you know bill all of those on everything else in. That's so lucky to be right here yes I'll be the third one down differently you. That handles all the. Like this about that yeah provided. Wow. Yeah. Advice. Yeah I mean he's the other belongings outside the hard prior rate you look around and you said it's an Avis if there remembered who like that in here here though their homes. But definitely got our place we had and the people Al here in our house. Relief mad because it becomes very emotional that it ring like this is a real there's definitely evolved. I didn't like. You know they value people. I think we feel good idea to get this bat you know my. And this is the local guys said do in the cleanup anything he did he lost the prior anything he didn't Garnett and people who now. When the weather cleared. That is why him why. So it now made it about. Ten blocks and the destruction hasn't ended and sold many homes. Ripped apart and Donnie if they're standing they are. They'll be condemned. Out now they after Michael. And these the raw moments where you get the scope of this storm we have walked fifteen blocks. And it is never and being destruction. We just made BS twenty block. Hike out with our stuff because we're gonna get picked up and the damage obviously does not and it just goes for still as long as we can see. As an everybody that we ended up meeting along the way was so desperate to get in touch there's no service here. They would need to tell people that they love on the outside that they've survived. And they're just starting the first responders some of the the wellness checks and going door to door but it hasn't started until amount spent almost a couple days since the storm hit. So we don't know what's going on exactly in there but I will say that the people from the outside needed now and we just found out that the American Red Cross does have a list. It's a safe and well web site that you can go to and keep checking to see if you loved ones are okay. Changes the ABC news Mexico beach Florida.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Heavy winds from historic Hurricane Michael tore through every home on Highway 98.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58443625","title":"Hurricane Michael leaves Florida residents stranded","url":"/US/video/hurricane-michael-leaves-florida-residents-stranded-58443625"}