IBM's Watson Computer Creates Tasty New Recipes

Chef prepares food created by data analytics computer.
3:00 | 03/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for IBM's Watson Computer Creates Tasty New Recipes
We got the first glimpse two years ago when IBM's Watson competed on jeopardy something called computer analytics was uttering a new era able to think more like humans. The newest offshoot of that research is food IBM has computers doing taste analytics. These Austrian possible -- -- cats were created from a computer generated recipe. The computer tries to be inventive and creative much the way a -- tries to -- Where actually trying to make it very surprising soon. It's it's often very out of the box some of the ideas that the system comes up when there are things you never thought about it. It's comparing -- -- and -- together it's something that's ever been done before but it's actually very flavorful. The chef who executed the recipe you like the results instead of feeling when Miami game I think the greatest to have them. Both in the professional setting -- -- and home to your conference. I think it's a great -- them this mom thinks there's a future here. I predicts in the future people continue to eat. So I'm really think so I am I'm willing to make that prediction. I'm and -- -- like this absolutely. What you wanna find computers can help us how good recipes. IBM project advanced analytics will be a twenty billion dollar business in two years encompassing a wide range of applications. What about the taste I -- both micro cap and a Spanish Allman was -- this -- described it best. The potatoes have a bit of cheese in them so there's a little -- three. Later wrapped around the fields and give them delicate BL and then you get that -- starchy textures opinions that he took keys in the background. IBM has been working on this project for only about a year and not even full time. We have tremendous potential and soon you may be eating food made -- computer.

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{"id":18636490,"title":"IBM's Watson Computer Creates Tasty New Recipes","duration":"3:00","description":"Chef prepares food created by data analytics computer.","url":"/US/video/ibms-watson-computer-creates-tasty-recipes-18636490","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}