Ice Causes Extremely Dangerous Driving Conditions in Northeast

Rob Marciano forecasts a chance of rain and 20 mph winds for Seattle Seahawks league championship game.
4:26 | 01/18/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ice Causes Extremely Dangerous Driving Conditions in Northeast
Thank you are and Dan Harris at ABC news world headquarters in New York City this is an ABC news digital report developing right now big winter blast wreaking Havoc. Across the northeast at least 25 to thirty vehicles involved in this pile up on I 76 outside Philadelphia look at that. State police confirming to ABC news there are multiple injuries in this accident icy conditions forcing authorities in Delaware meanwhile. To shut down bridges and in New York parts of the Long Island Expressway have been closed. Stranding drivers there we are joined on the phone right now I certain Jeffrey Flynn from the New Jersey State Police where there has been significant increase. In reports of accidents on this Sunday morning a thank you for joining us sir how bad is it out there. Your point of view. Well good morning and it's it's been pretty bad morning it's been. Probably the worst. Storm we got his and to relate to traffic this winter. And that we've seen really significant increase in accidents. And motor states throughout the state. What's your advice to anybody who really does need to be on the road this morning. If you need to be on the road. That the best the bikes we can give you it to travel much lower than you normally would even slower than you would in this now. There's not too much you can do when you're driving on ice they're treacherous conditions. And if you have to be out there proceed with extreme caution and drive much lower than you normally would. Just amplify that point to go slower that you would even in the snow essar would we very much appreciate your input on this. Treacherous Sunday morning thanks for your time be safe out there. Look at the actual. ABC news senior meteorologist rob Marciano is right here tracking a weather for us air woody sand. What went on to sadly this is a Sunday not nada a weekday yet raised questions regard other a lot of people go to church on a Sunday where Yasser. Yeah there's certainly enough cars out there to do some damage in in and there are thirty million people roughly that are in this zone of freezing rain right now in the advisories are so let's take a look at some of these maps and we'll go through it. Temperatures hovering right up Bob war. In some cases below freezing with this moisture coming in off the bit off the Atlantic. We've got these are freezing rain invite you may stretch all the way down to Baltimore and most of them at least in the New York metropolitan area tristate area you'll last. Through at least 11 AM these are the temperatures as of 10 AM. Our look at the stark difference between Philadelphia and go over so you see some of that warm air there would still below freezing in Philadelphia. A lot of all of the bridges in the Philadelphia area. Closed until we warm up above freezing that should happen in pretty short time but. Not over the next couple of hours sevens will get into the forties this afternoon. And then 45 windy conditions expected in Austin but the next. 32 to three or four hours that are going to be pretty truckers and a move also got. It's a situation out in the northwest as well all right yet couples this is kind of book and some storms and and two big football games they should note they're happening via the NFL championships. Are happening in first they trees in the calls today. And LB actually later tonight brain will increase really during halftime and by that time it'll be all rains just no across parts of Vermont New Hampshire. And no wind and rain likely for the game there's area as this low pressure moves off into the north and east and he mentioned that storm out west that's also gonna impact. The NFC championship game there in Seattle kick off. And the run around noon local time 3 PM eastern time winds will be gusty there. So wind and rain will will play big problem we had issues with this storm yesterday at a cross interstate 84 which runs down the -- recourse to war again. And up and overthrew the wild mountains of northeast Oregon where they have pilot they're such as we seems to that we've had a string. A pile ups really the past couple of weeks roads have not been very kind. To us yet these are extremely dangerous situations on a on a slightly lighter note. You have. Predicted to be your forecast in the models that the New England Patriots will win today so we appreciate that would attach effort at coming up at a fixed your recent yes I have never miss him or rob Marciano. Thank you Parametric technology that we we initiated Beecher giving here at throughout the day if the latest updates on this. And other top stories and much more of course later on world news tonight thank you for watching this ABC news did you report I'm Dan Harris. Go patriots.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Rob Marciano forecasts a chance of rain and 20 mph winds for Seattle Seahawks league championship game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"28307692","title":"Ice Causes Extremely Dangerous Driving Conditions in Northeast","url":"/US/video/ice-extremely-dangerous-driving-conditions-northeast-28307692"}