Illinois Gov. signs recreational cannabis bill

The signing of the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act makes Illinois the 11th state to legalize marijuana.
5:28 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Illinois Gov. signs recreational cannabis bill
In the past fifty years the war on campus has destroyed families. Filled prisons with nonviolent offenders and disproportionately disrupted black and brown communities. Each year law enforcement across the nation has spent billions of dollars to enforce the criminal is nation of campus. Despite all the research and evidence that it safer than alcohol. Yet its consumption remains widespread. It's also consumed equally across racial lines studies have shown time and time again. That black and white people tend to use can abyss at the same rates. But black people are far more likely to be arrested for possession. This is the truth of the war on drugs in every state and Illinois is no different. In 2010. A report from the ACLU. Found that black people made up 15% of Illinois population but nearly 60%. Of its candidates possession arrests. In the past our state has spent more money per capita on campus possession enforcement that almost every other state. Illinois lands have had enough. They know that what we're doing is working. They know that criminal is nation offers nothing but pain disruption. And injustice. The legislators and activists standing with me today. Have heard you. We've heard you on the campaign trail and in our offices in town hall meetings and in our courts. We've heard you say. That the time for change has long since passed. Guided by these calls for change we came together and we did something that no other state in the nation has been able to do. Today. Illinois is leading the way in demonstrating everything that can be accomplished. When we set aside our comfort with the status quo and instead govern with the belief that our best days are ahead. With this legislation. Are state once again is a leader. Putting forward the most equity centric can't abyss legalization. In the nation. As the first state in the nation to fully legalize adult use ten of us through the legislative process. Illinois exemplified is the best of democracy. A bipartisan. Deep commitment to better the lives of all of our people. Legalization. Of adult use Canada springs and important and overdue change to our state and it's the right thing to do. This legislation will clear that she animus related records of nonviolent offenders. Through an efficient combination. Of automatic expunge meant of gubernatorial pardon. And individual court action. Today we are giving hundreds of thousands of people the chance at a better life. Jobs. Housing and real opportunity. And it doesn't stop there. This new law follows through on our strong commitment to equity. By directing 25%. Of the revenue. To restore reinvest and renew grant programs to help communities most disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. Another twenty per. Another 20% of the revenue will fund substance abuse treatment and prevention. And mental health care. And the rest will be used to pay down the State's bill backlog. Help balance our state budget and support crime prevention law enforcement and public education programs. This legislation also offers a low interest loan program. To create opportunity for entrepreneurs. In the communities that deserve it my house. And and we're doing it all while focusing on the compassionate ease of access. For licensed medical cannabis users prioritizing uninterrupted patient supplied. Throughout this transition. Signing this bill into law won't undo the justices of the past or make a hole the lives that were interrupted. We can't turn the clock back but we can turn the page. I'm so proud that our state is leading with equity and justice in its approach to Canada's legalization. And it's regulatory framework. And because of the people here and because of the work of people all across our state. Illinois is moving forward with empathy and hope. Thank you very. Okay.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"The signing of the Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act makes Illinois the 11th state to legalize marijuana. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63933544","title":"Illinois Gov. signs recreational cannabis bill","url":"/US/video/illinois-gov-signs-recreational-cannabis-bill-63933544"}