Immigration debate continues over children separated from their parents

GOP lawmakers speak out against the "zero-tolerance" immigration policy as border patrol continues detaining parents.
25:43 | 06/20/18

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Transcript for Immigration debate continues over children separated from their parents
But it was in it was live arms act recused you project to join us today. We have a bunch to get to immigration still front and center in this country. Trump administration's zero tolerance policy at the border leaving too. Thousands of families are being separated I'm joined now by GO Benitez who is in El Paso, Texas GO. I want to know a little bit about these tender age shelters. Yes Zachary these are these brand new shelters that we just learned about. These are three shelters that they've just up. Put open they've just opened up along the border and basically what they're doing as these shelters are four at the very young kid so we're talking about. Babies were talking about toddlers some special needs kids as well now officials tell us that these special these tender age shelters. Have a well trained clinicians there but of course many many questions about this now our station in Dallas a BF AA. Was actually outside one of the shelters this boarding. And was able to speak would wonder what of the volunteers that was inside. One of these tender age of shelters and I believe we have that interview right now whistles and it. Every single child gets up and begins to pray to god in a loud voice. Please god send me back to my parents I wanna see my money going to see my daddy and my ministers call me and tell me. I don't know how much longer I can do to him. And they don't know how much longer they can do this they say and that is a volunteer that is at one of these tender age shelters so again. A lot of questions right now about what's happening at these two underage shelters. What are they about who are the kids how many of the kids or they are because Zachary as we know right now at least in recent times. Recently they work separating some 2300. Kids from their parents in just the past month. At least 2300. GO we hear a little six year old girl bares sobbing for her parents do we know anything more about her. Yet this is that tape that was obtained by republic of the investigative news site. And Eagles you hear this little girl she six years old and her other children as well there sobbing. For their parents they want to talk to their parents. They also is this particular little girl was on the flowed trying to go ahead are trying to get them to give her phones or she could call her ought she memorized the phone number to her aunts place hoping to reach her she did in fact reach her and would let's listen into some of that audiotape. When Utley has been a little bit about them. Up all right so I we were listening to that audiotape there and the on did in fact reach out there was a -- they were able to connect the girl with her aunt and beyond said. That you know what it was the hardest conversations she's ever had to have on the phone and -- she's been in touch with her that little girl we know now has been moved out of a shelter and now has a bed to sleep in but that little girl has not yet spoken with their mother. GO of the optics of this are disturbing. I think that audiotape is just. Next level just some really disturbing stuff here. Can you can you help me understand what's behind the in and where you're at right now. A wall right now this is actually the US Mexico border so this we're in El Paso right now this is the fence. That's the Rio Grande I'm not sure you can see it through the fence that's the Rio Grande that's Mexico right there. On the so essentially this is where. You know not necessarily in the spot because what at one of the things I can show you did. Why this particular spot is probably more controlled than others and why maybe some of these migrants are not coming in through this specific spot. Not only the Rio Grande would take a look you've got all those cameras up there. And these cameras the moment we arrived here this morning. These camels were zoomed in on us to make sure that you know we were we were supposed to be here and that we be what we work. You know Mexican nationals or or migrants coming over but in other parts this is. What people are going through they are crossing this border and advocates tell us that so many of these families that we're talking about the ones with the children. These families are led to this because of desperation and trying to get away from. Really tough times what we know that El Salvador where that little girl that six year old girl is from. That's the murder capital of the world and we know that her family says that she was her and her mother were trying to flee gang violence there on the streets of El Salvador. That's a part of this that is often get left out of the conversation these people are leaving for reason and they're leaving for a better by. Jubilee there's on the tender shelters in so much more now paso force thank you so much GO. We're gonna flip now we talked to Marcus Moore he's in Laredo Texas get an opportunity to do a ride along last night with Border Patrol agents. He get an opportunity cease of the everyday realities happening down there on the border Marcus Moore I don't think you but I think you're there. Are you doing are you doing this morning markets. You don't do well Zachary it's good to be with you this morning and and you rent we spent the entire day with the border patrolling and we were with them as they patrolled this Mary river this is the Rio Grande river. That separates the United States and Mexico and when you go along the river you see people. Living their everyday lives are looking over in the Mexico now you see someone sitting along the banks of the river here. Fishing see people doing that we also see people just hanging on in the water itself perhaps to cool off in that up above. Where we are right now as one of the many pedestrian bridges that a people used to get into. Mexico and into the United States and back and forth and you see that constant stream of people who. Our may become regular radio to go to the I'm. Outlet mall that just opened up here that's really been a big draw that something that's relatively new. But this is just a bit of a slice of the live here in Laredo Zachary aunt is to show you. Around it's a little bit more. Where we are about that Jeff right behind you. That's another international brits off in the distance and much more op automobile traffic there. And of the trees blocking it but there's a long line of cars waiting to get into the US self. How what you see here in Laredo. Texas on the other side equivalent of the Mexico. And up this area. We understand from Border Patrol is a heavily trafficked area I'm not only for. People migrants who were trying to. It Boyd of violence in their native countries as you heard GO talking about but the Border Patrol. Also says there's a lot of smuggling that goes on here both the people and narcotics and in last night we got an up close. First person look. At what. A typical day is like we'll Border Patrol agents here in the Laredo sector which is one of the busiest sectors. Up or marijuana they they told us coming into to the country and also people smuggling and a Zachary it was it it was astonishing for me because. I'll deal we hear about a stash houses. In parts of our communities here in the US. We went to a suspected or an alleged stash house in Laredo yesterday afternoon. They got a tip from a woman who was in that house. At an earlier date. She got out of that house and alerted authorities about what was happening there so they went to check it out. And when they got their Zachary they they surrounded the house is set up a perimeter. And ended up inside where they found seven men from Mexico. Who had apparently on Tuesday morning had just crossed over into the US. And they don't had only been in that house for a couple of hours when a police and Border Patrol agents raided that house and took them into custody. Police and authorities say that they also found marijuana. Or narcotics in that house along with with a weapon. But this morning Zachary. We don't know if the people they took into custody or they detained had anything to do with. The the narcotics police say they found or the weapon authorities say they found in the reason why put that out Zachary is because. Immigration advocates say most of the people. Who tried to cross into the US illegally. Com are are are merely. Trying to get to a safer place for for their family they're not coming over to commit a crime. But exactly the Border Patrol will tell you. There are criminals who'll are exploiting the people who are trying to. Get to a better a safer place for that balance charging them thousands of dollars to smoke them. Across this border or to help them across this river. And put them in stash houses that are in deplorable conditions and dangerous for those people. That is what the Border Patrol will tell you they are trying to combat. And it is a day to day process for them Zachary. And it it it it's incredible to actually see it with your own eyes. Like we did yesterday. And he got even busier last night. Interest in perspective it's it's fascinating to get that kind of firsthand look that you gut. Last night. I think we talked about this not all that long ago overall our border crossings of legal border crossings up or down. Com it depends on who you ask Zachary the were patrol agents that I spoke with said that the that that the numbers. Of of people crossing over have. Pretty much stayed the same all but they are also seeing various nationalities are trying to cross here in the Laredo sector for example. That the chief of the patrol here was saying that they have. Apprehended a number of Bangladeshi. Migrants who have been trying to cross over into the country illegally sell com. It's when he fourteen Zachary there was a spike in the number of unaccompanied children. That were coming and I don't get it says that we're seeing a spike. Like that. Right now a but there is the steady stream of people's act coming in to the into the country legally and what is what is giving Border Patrol what's which really. Stressing the system. Is that they are now in Beirut honoring our our our hearing to the at zero tolerance policy. And so they're having two separate bid the children from their families. And sold in its a case of where they put the kids and that's why these facilities have been a filling up so quickly capacity. Had has been an issue and you see the reason why they have set up a tent city in in El Paso for some of the kids who've been separated. Marcus I'm interested to it to know how the Border Patrol that people who live in these border towns. Are reacting to the politics in all of this are they. Are they tune to what what's going on and in movies work they follow on these issues. In odd back and so glad you asked that question it's it's it's a great point. To make year. Oh what was interesting to me as I asked. The Border Patrol agent when it was we were with last night asked him about the zero tolerance policy. Com and it was a if it. He is reaction. Was. Indicative of how. Sensitive this issue it is. For people of this community. And for the people who were charged with. Protecting the border and following orders com. One of the things he told is that that he knows that these people who they apprehend are RP. They are not numbers. Not many of them are not criminals. Many of them are people who we who was we have heard before or simply trying to get to a safer place and so you get a sense of the conflict that is potentially there. Four these people who are from this community I mean they they live here in Laredo they have ties to Mexico. Their their parents have immigrated from from Mexico so they have a very. Interesting connection and perspective to all of this that that I cannot. Possibly feel. And so big you considered that they're in the process are in the business of of apprehending people who were really trying to get to a safe place and so I really got a sense that that that is potentially a struggle for them but at the same time Zachary. It is a job and they have a oath. To protect the border. And other so many people. Who are trying to it exploit. The very ones who they hope to help. They as then the people here in the US help them get to safety. All those people are being exploited and drugs are entering the country. Authorities say as well as this people who are have nefarious purposes. We appreciate all the work you put it out there Marcus always good to talk to you be safe and stay cool all right. When a foot now we go to the White House are led signs is there today we're talking about trumps strategy here you know house Republicans and senate. Agree that something needs to be done here the canister the agree on how to get it done talking. And let live look what's gonna happen today. Well president trop was at meeting with house Republicans yesterday but they're still is no clear path forward for how exactly they're going to stop. These family separation the president is once again turning to blaming Democrats he tweeted. This morning say it's that Democrats fault that they won't give us the votes needed to pass good immigration legislation. And then add a little bit of a cryptic message and he says I am working on something. It's unclear what exactly the president is talking about there. I so far he's been pretty insistent that it's congress that needs to act in order to stop these separations. He has refused to act on his own. What we are seen up on Capitol Hill house speaker Paul Ryan announced that tomorrow the house will be voting. On these two bills that Republicans had been considering there are both broader immigration packages that include provisions. That would address these family separations at the border but right now it's unclear whether or enough Republicans. Would even be on board. Two passed this in the house. Much less in the senate where there's a much more narrow majorities so why do you have lawmakers who are calling for it these. Stands alone. Measures adjust much a much more narrow fix to focus and railing in on his family separations at the border. House speaker Paul Ryan would any answer that's something that he would bring up over in the house the White House hasn't indicated if that's something that the president would get behind. But they are is eight. Face of theories strong push over on Capitol Hill to get something done it's just not clear what exactly it's going to take to stop the separation. Little theater last night down in Washington DC Department of Homeland Security secretary Q are diagnosed in. Maybe all this talk about Mexico you know she said hey I gotta go out there in. Have little Mexican food so much I mean you just can't make this stuff up that what happened. Yassin Homeland Security secretary Carson Nielsen really become the face. This entire policies and without you're defending this. Just a few days ago and in that briefing room with a reporter if but there are some protestors who interrupted her dinner a yesterday and Mexican restaurant just two blocks away. From the White House you can Sierra light looking at video. So that obviously shows a lot of the most emotion and tension. A behind this debate yeah lawmakers are feeling a lot of pressure. Up on Capitol Hill as you seen these images on television on the Internet of these kids as they're separated from their families. And in these facilities. And it's unclear what exactly it's going to take Scott these separations from happen to they've they've they ran out of the restaurant last night. Yes he eventually left and her spokesperson tweet Ed. Saying that it they feel like they want something to change they need to contact their members of congress and urge them to act but this is certainly a very very emotional debate going on across the country right now. Now we're back in the day when Donald Trump we did have photo of himself. As saying happy Cinco De Mayo using the topical bullet Alley from Ghana and you know exist you know bad taste. And all the way around their but very very interesting now. Trumps going to be in my home state later on tonight is headed up to Minnesota. We understand that he has a meeting up there have been these men do when of these vehicle campaign style rallies why does he continue to do this and what to be expecting here. Well it's always 20/20 for this president Lee holding another one of those and make America great again rallies but really this isn't the first time. That he's out on the road since this entire debate about these Stanley being separated at the border has really reached this fever pitch and boiling points it's going to be interesting you know the president we all know goes off script pretty offensive going to be interesting to see out what exactly Estes in night out this policy and how that's received among his supporters. Thank you so much our lead times for us there at the White House though we have a wonderful day. If you take care we're gonna continue this threat of immigration in look at it on a national level I'm joined now by. Molly hunter. The international community is reacting to what's happening at the US border rule what are you hearing there on Monday. Act in my eyes speech that you heard. The international edition of the new York and Greg is an American paper addicted Mac avid inventor of the Ashland and everyone is talking about it. Dave physically that we read an interview from the Pope even at needs of Reuters. I think he's slightly very heavily criticized president and plus it. He's dead at that. Europe is facing a demographic winter that integrates and I mean that it's Ron Pollack is separating families is not the end ferry that populate them I and the second wave of hard right politics covering your app. It's creating a site hosts sixth and many that without immigration keep that Europe will be coming and seeing how the other exactly from prime minister street payday he was wrapped. By members have party and the opposition. And everything if I think that the pictures of children being held in what you're ages are deeply disturbing. This is wrong this is not something something that you re witnesses knocking at Lincoln's approach and I think that's important. That we bring it applicant has hit back at camp is coming here it ain't just a week of July. And that if it. My want to back up a little bit and talk about the pope's comment that by the agency considering the jets essence just last week. Use the Bible to justify. Their handling of these situations obviously the Pope. He was little bit differently. For its. About building radically different about heads are intended incredibly differently about that interpretation of court and we Everett from a lot it. At US bishops you. Also condemned president and policy. Saying that this was not the biblical solution of course. This was not in any way saver for a math and written in the pilot you can use the Bible to justify something like this. But a printed. Was incredibly strong and it's and I expect that we will hear from him again in coming days and they using the Bible you things got to just buy something like that it's not the end. What what is it about this particular story that has the international community do still up on it is it that the optics of the fact that we're. There at least seeing these young people in what your be animal's cage. Many V I think the pictures are horrifying and I think a lot of people wondering yeah. Can't believe. It's happening when he eighteen in the states yes I think that's so interesting is that trump policies right now are putting him in line. With people like Viktor Orban the prime minister of Hungary with people like Italy's new interior ministry Zachary. Who was just sworn in last week that the good times for illegals are over it get ready to pack your bags we talked about Italy yesterday. About how they actually turned away a migrant boat. They tried to dock in Italy mom thought that that now it finally docked in Spain. But there are a lot of countries over here it at that aren't going pot but it but of course the public talking about but. That is huge front is now aligned with that it's nearly in his care. Molly hunter from London thank you so much we appreciate our you're inside out there today. We're gonna stay there in London and in talk a little bit about. The the royal wedding it was a big celebration we know that Megan's got some style and grace now they're getting ready for their first foreign trip. I'm joined now by Eva pilgrim who is in London. With the breakdown of what this treatment. Even pilgrim here we are in London at Kensington Palace the home of will and Kate duchess baggage and it's also live on the continent on the property. We haven't that this morning adding extra their child but meg and once again making headlines because of her fashion she quit her first royal ass Qaeda there. Well tradition the queen is god every year except for her Courtney seniors are the Stanley always goes she was on the arm. I'm Harry quite nice aren't any right and she was wearing for the third time as he dressed. It's got a lot of attention it seems at negatives he's starting to define her royal sense of fashion her own style and look as a member of the royal family. She's going to a couple of tried and true British female designers even she that dip female director of that fashion house is British born player cap. Claire wait Keller accurate they correct. And then she's also as we've seen multiple times turned to Stella McCartney that the dress she wore a reception at slinky white dress up so much attention. So we are seeing heard that weeks talking Milton Dee as well when she became a member of the wealthy and turning to Sarah Burton about it McQueen does not a lot of group looks to see her in very similar styles. Repeatedly something dying and her herself. Also get this and it's at that as well we of course are following everything that Magid and Harry are doing a lot coming out yet that. Big trip alone with the queen was active in aircraft queens showing her how to royal. Now she's going to be going on trips with Harry they're gonna go on their first born what's going I don't and then in the father also supposed to go to Australia. And New Zealand so more passes. And Texas magnate who needed pilgrim in London. You can program we appreciate your Ted out there not a bad assignment Irian Megan on their way. Speaking of on the wayward it to World Cup soccer now lots of actually going on out there got a big day coming up rush to had a big win. We got a preview of the games today but first let's talk a little bit about where and although he becomes Europe's op board. In the international that right but not by Patrick reveled. That's Chris and others now Europe's. Highest scoring day in history 85 goes but Andrew Osborn. I meant it. And resources that we pub. It's just that. I. Some times. Spain. Today that it homes. It's. What's going on today Kennedy. And Eric game that you have circle. Is of particular. I'm. It's packing not. He. Impressed. And ripping. On the news we. It. It's. As. That but it system. It's a little windy out there but it's a beautiful view I think that's the main soccer stadium just behind you there. By no play. And I. Stated today that retail what I especially the globe. Thank you so much Pactiv rebel fourth in Moscow outside the World Cup main stadium. Not a big day out there this gonna wrap it up for today's big story obviously here in the states these tender show Thursday spam is getting. Torn apart. At the border and the collateral damage that comes with that not just in the next few days or weeks but even years down the road what happened to these families. And how do they get back together exactly keys. Think you for joining us to cannot stay with us on. Online or on the app we hope you take the opportunity to do that have a wonderful back.

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