Impeachment counsel: Bolton could've 'proved' impeachment articles, wanted 'pay day'

Norm Eisen, impeachment counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, gives Linsey Davis an insider account of the impeachment of President Donald Trump.
7:15 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for Impeachment counsel: Bolton could've 'proved' impeachment articles, wanted 'pay day'
We don't take a look at president trumpet in the cross hairs and how he's been investigated sued and impeach all since taking office we stick tonight to norm Eisen. Impeachment counsel to the House Judiciary Committee and author of a case for the American people the United States. Vs Donald. I pleasures so glad to be with you. See you help break the two impeachment articles against president trump you're revealing your book that you had drafted ten articles before narrowing the focus to the Ukraine affair. Do you think anything would have changed if you cast a broader net. I use them believe that if we had cast the broadest possible medic could have made a difference. And then I spent two weeks on the floor of the United States senate. As counsel one of the council to the house managers for the impeachment trial. And I saw that despite the overwhelming. Truth of the two's strongest possible articles that the president had. Headed extorted. And shaking down Ukraine to attack his political adversaries are American elections. Just. I got evidence and even admitting that we had proved a quid pro quo blows senators there is with the brave exception of Mitt Romney. We're not Wellington convict the president so. Unfortunately I have concluded that it does not make a difference it's up to the American people and that's why I wrote this book. Hate curious that you just brought up Mitt Romney he was the only Republican senator to vote for trumps conviction did that surprise you at the time. And looking back could the Democrats have done anything differently to achieve a more bipartisan outcome. The decision of Mitt Romney was not a complete surprise the biggest surprises. I report my behind the scenes conversations with Mitt Romney as he struggled with the issues he struggled with his conscience you could see him doing it and he gradually came around. The book is also. Seoul. Mistakes. That I made. I've made more than my share along the way ice doesn't buy it -- York. 88 it could have made it different and. Former national security advisor John Bolten refuse to testify at the impeachment trial but later accused Democrats of quote impeachment malpractice for not investigating terms dealings beyond Ukraine. Bolton had also said that trumpet had asked for China's help in the election. How do you respond to bombs accusation. The book includes the tens beat. Previously secret articles of impeachment and we describe the investigation along the way. So as to what John Bolton says it is just not true we did investigate buried probably. I write about the evidence that we discovered including startling new evidence. That the president. Colluded that we heard from the president's own he's former allies. That the president did Nicole Lue with direct Shaq so that and much more evidence would have been. Completed it John Bolton come in and talk to us. And we begged him to do it every one knew we were investigating probably ultimately is Jumbo fall. I explain in the book why we could have gotten more articles of impeachment if only he had stepped forward and we could've blown open the impeachment trial in the senate. I had even more witnesses and only eats. Step forward if there was any malpractice. Is John Bolton has malpractice with respect it is constitutional duty as responsibilities. And it as an American. Instead. He Chad does to put in a book and catchy and that is reprehensible. Is that what you have concluded is the reason that he didn't step forward just to put it on a book. I think he did it for the worst. And and really sad to say the most an American of reasons it wasn't just money. He was clearly interstate in the big pay day. I've come to that conclusion. That the reason John Bolton refused to cooperated with us and he could have proved almost every one. Of those ten articles of impeachment that I reveal. The first time that I drafted and Bolton chose not to step forward and help us true those articles of impeachment and did stand our country. Because he didn't want to work with Democrats to change the bogus full of stories about how we tried various ways to get him to cooperate. We extended. A bipartisan handing him to ask for his help and he moved he is to do it I believe. A real explanation is he was quoted today a subpoena from their a Republican majority senate. But he wouldn't cooperate a cousin party that is wrong that is not what America's about last question. But it's really a two partner because I'm interested in piggybacking on what you just said he says the ball and could approved every one of those articles. First question is would that have even made a difference anyway. Second part of the question is if trump wins reelection this fall teasing that the Democrats could try to impeach him again and if they do what lessons do you thing that they must learn from the first impeachment. The role of bald and was explained to meet I am scared priest senior person. Eight I. Someone who is any guide Strom. An appointee. And very concerned. Permanent Republican who is said to me if there isn't one man in Washington DC. Who can slip committees Republicans and get that does support impeachment. It's John Bolton. So bats. And bets they. The difference that that John could have made if he had stepped forward and 88 you know I I think that the patent. That the book has lessons that would apply. To any future proceedings. Not just against president trump. But against other presidents and they are also important lessons. Because I believe that president trump is not asked if he loses gun and go peacefully from the White House I think he's gonna fight. Winds are all every. But tactic and all the energy media ads and a book is a blueprint to what he's gonna do and how to respond to it. He is going to use the legal system and distort the legal says he's got a lot. He's gonna get dill bar every scandal book I take you behind the scenes bill Barr it traps the commander in chief. Build our is the enabler in chief but now all the difference is the American people are awake. And they are aware we're seeing that in the polls they don't like what they see the president it it's gonna take the biggest lesson of the book it's called the case the American people. Arguing in the book. To the American people that it's time for them to act and I think the public is behind accountability for Donald gaps it won't have to wait. First second and. Vassar eyes and we thank you so much for your time appreciate it.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Norm Eisen, impeachment counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, gives Linsey Davis an insider account of the impeachment of President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72177207","title":"Impeachment counsel: Bolton could've 'proved' impeachment articles, wanted 'pay day'","url":"/US/video/impeachment-counsel-bolton-couldve-proved-impeachment-articles-wanted-72177207"}