Impeachment trial shake-up

Sen. Patrick Leahy will preside over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.
5:04 | 01/25/21

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Transcript for Impeachment trial shake-up
Now to impeachment sounds like 20/20 in some ways but the constitution. Six it with a pres the United States is tried the Chief Justice shall preside when Chief Justice John Roberts did that. A year ago when president Donald Trump was impeached for the first time. But now a source tells a vision is that senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont he's the president pro tempore this once senior members of the senate is expected to preside. Over president trumps Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. What is his political director Rick Klein and radio correspondent Aaron Qatar ski. Join us now for more so Rick. What's senator Leahy presiding over the trial for and how could it impact that that chief Justice Roberts isn't there. Gets hurt it's gonna look and feel entirely different I think having the Chief Justice. Presiding over trial there's been two in the last twenty years that we've note sent it to see that Chief Justice is just part of the the magistrate Ian and part of what makes it a trial. Different of a president that thinking on this one in the way he's just put out a statement confirming that he's going to preside over it is that because he's not the sitting president there was no absolute requirement. The chief Justice Roberts preside we know the chief Justice Roberts is follows to be involved in politics and whether he signals. Through private channels and any kind of unwillingness could have been a factor but mainly this is now this is the in keeping with what you see permanent feature trial. I'll say a federal judge other federal officials in the past you've had someone who is the Chief Justice presiding but I do think Terry. It is going to feel I think for a lot of Americans and maybe even to some senate Republicans who were contemplating whether to convict or not it's gonna feel sufficiently different. That he might freedom off a little bit to potentially acquit I actually think this is a pretty significant development. It is it was certainly not look like previous engagements of presence as you point out Aaron. We do million voting systems company which came up so frequently. In a post election period of president trump and Rudy Giuliani and other people saying that it was fixing and had stolen the election while there's so it. President trumped personal attorney Rudy Giuliani for defamation now seeking. More than a billion dollars company says. He and his allies deceived millions of people into believing that dominion had stolen their votes and fix the election so once Giuliani up against here do you think. Dessert Giuliani is up against a company that is really upset with him. The company executives in the lawsuit say they've been harassed and they've been threatened in the company's reputation has been. Needlessly shamed all because of what the lawsuit calls big lie namely that Giuliani. Does says that. The company somehow tipped the election in favor of Joseph Biden and maybe did so because it's a Venezuelan company with ties to the Hugo Chavez said and that to mean it says that that's not true the company was actually founded in Ontario to help the blind vote. And then Giuliani for for his part says he looks forward to this lawsuit so that he can try to prove this allegation. And this is a fight it to mean you know really wants to have that they want to clear the air publicly. They also want one point three billion dollars in damages and they say they want to what are called Giuliani out as a lie here. Because they say he knew there was no evidence of this and yet promulgating this falsehood. Especially on television and radio and the Internet. Although notably not in court Terry whereas you know lying comes with consequences. He out he may as an officer of the court he was a very careful not to speak out about this in court where judges could sanction him so were Eric. Another thirty president Biden signing an executive order increasing the amount of federal spending that goes to American companies America first he's also working on getting his call would relieve. Package through congress so what is his agenda look like now how does it stand. I don't look I think this is a week where you start have to make good on the unity games of last week we sought and our polling over the weekend with hips those Terry. Broad support for the notions that the president I got deep voice to. That is an operation broad support for some of the early second of actions but definite signs ahead of where there are troubles the president spent. Some time on the phone over the weekend with a bipartisan group of lawmakers Democrats and Republicans who call themselves the problem solvers. Well there's nothing really solved yet in terms of these big problems and there's a lot of sticker shock in terms of the price tag. What I was struck by though this is how the White House has signaled an openness to those negotiations we've heard Jen Saki again today you point out the president's rarely get everything that they want. I've that's actually very true but it's very rare that a presidential administration this early on less than a week in big knowledge is that publicly that's a breath of fresh air to a lot of lawmakers who frankly just wanna keep. And start making laws right now there are deals to be cut. But they will require some significant scaling back of the goals and that I think is the inherent tension right now as the Biden whitehouse navigates a Washington that's still very divided. An opening bid perhaps from present fighting there Rick Klein parent guitarist Keith thanks very much.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Sen. Patrick Leahy will preside over the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75476203","title":"Impeachment trial shake-up","url":"/US/video/impeachment-trial-shake-75476203"}