Indiana Catholic school terminates guidance counselor to keep ties with archdiocese

The former Roncalli High School guidance counselor, Shelly Fitzgerald, and Jesuit Priest and America Media Editor-at-Large James Martin discuss the controversial firing.
5:10 | 06/25/19

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Transcript for Indiana Catholic school terminates guidance counselor to keep ties with archdiocese
So do you guys remember that story that I told you last week about the archdiocese elect Catholic school in Indianapolis and one except fire a teacher and a same sex marriage. The reason and was so the school could maintain its Catholic identity well. The school refused to fire that teacher but apparently. It wasn't a one off situation another school in that diocese went ahead. And fired a teacher for the same reason down later that week it's happened several times in our next guest. Shelley FitzGerald she's a high school counselor in the same district. She was fired in August and so we're gonna talk to her and I also want to bring in reverend James Martin a jesuit priest. An editor at large for American Media. Shelly you were working at this school. For fifteen years. What went through your mind when they said that they were gonna terminate you for this reason. Well not only active ever could describe what I also attended school rare side benefit part of that community for a majority of my life. Calm wind you know back in August when this happens in need. I think that my immediate reaction was just want to real sadness. You know just disheartening feeling of being disowned about a community that you've grown up and then left and trust and. The day it sounds it's injures staying knees school actually put out a statement that IA I'm sure you've seen it says the issue concerning miss FitzGerald employment is not about sexual orientation. But about the church's teaching that marriage is a covenant between a man. And a woman as established in revealed by god what did you think of that statement. Well I mean I heard that statement and what I would say is that you know when we're not enforcing a policy. That's that everybody signs off on when we're just hurting you one specific group of people that's blatant discrimination. Yang and who. Reverend James I want I want to bring you in here I'm about the statement because the church cites the Bible as the reason for firing people in same sex marriage. You cite the scripture for everyone to be inclusive bumped tell us why how does this work. Well Shelley is right it's discriminatory. You're gonna fire someone for. Being a same sex marriage you can fire people for all sorts of reasons you can fire. Straight married couples freezing birth control for using in vitro fertilization you can fire people are divorced. And a more broadly if you are firing people who don't follow church teaching follow the Catholic Church teaching. You can viral Protestants and Jews and Muslims and Hindus and diagnostics and atheists out. Shelley is right it's completely discriminatory it's just targeting the LG BT employee and it really needs to stop. Yeah one tweet I was looking at your your tweets earlier in one that stuck out to me is yours saying. What would happen if every LG BT church employee was fired or quit their jobs. He said basically the entire all lead the entire institution would simply grind to a hot suggesting that there's a lot of gay and lesbian people that are in this community yes. Absolutely other a lot of LG BT teachers and people who work and parishes and directories send in bishops' offices and so you know we really can't just target these people simply because. We don't like who they are and once again octagon to target people for not following church teaching that's gonna get rid of you know huge group of people land you know it's just discriminatory to pick on one person I think it's I think it's really mean I think that's the word that we have to resurrect. In the discussion here just mean to focus on this one group. Do you get any. Different churches you know really abiding by the fact that same sex marriage shouldn't exist you get backlash from thinking the opposite. Yeah of course Ideo but I'd point out to them. House select dividend is again if you're going to fire people like that you need to fire all divorced people Jesus came out against divorce in the gospels it's pretty clear and we don't do that. Because we're tolerant now more inclusive and we understand people. In the complexity of their lives the only person that gets there's sexual life. But under a moral microscope is the LG BT person. And Shelley not just just curious where does your situation stand now I also. I learned that you are in the grand Marshal in the Indianapolis pride parade which I think is really awesome but where is a situation now in terms of your employment. Well I have abandoned notified them that I will not be renewed my contract or not be renewed next year. So my determination and with the archdiocese. Is is complete. And right now my focus you know personally is just to continue being a catalyst for change. To bringing the community together Indianapolis and also currently. You know that community is Catholics are people who are looking forward you know faith based placed a list just discrimination in general might fight now. It is you just ensure that that people are included that people feel loved to CNN people have a someone to stand up. For them. Our rights I want to thank Shelley FitzGerald and reverend James Martin for joining us today we appreciate all of this.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"The former Roncalli High School guidance counselor, Shelly Fitzgerald, and Jesuit Priest and America Media Editor-at-Large James Martin discuss the controversial firing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63934666","title":"Indiana Catholic school terminates guidance counselor to keep ties with archdiocese","url":"/US/video/indiana-catholic-school-terminates-guidance-counselor-ties-archdiocese-63934666"}